Ethan's driveway is 3 yards long. Choose the word and number to complete the sentence correctly. To convert 3 yards to feet , (add / subtract / multiply /divide) 3 by (3 / 12/ 1,760 / 5,280)

What is multiply by 3.


Conner bought  3,250 milliliters of fabric softener, and 2.5 liters of bleach.

Did he buy more bleach or fabric softerner? How much more?

What is 750ml more fabric softener.


Compare: a)less than b)greater than c) equal to

200 lb ____ 1 T

What is less than?


Caitlin spent 15 days traveling in South America. How many hours did she spend traveling in South America?

What is 360 hours.


Amanda has 8.24 meters of fabric. How many centimeters of fabric does Amanda have?

What is 824 cm?


The library is 5 miles from the post office. How many yards is the library from the post office?

What is 8,800 yards.


Which is equal to 96 fluid ounces? Select ALL

A. two 1-quart bottles 

B. three 1-quart bottles 

C. two 1-quart bottles and two 1-pint bottles

D. one 1-quart bottle and eight 8-ounce fluid glasses 

What is B, C, and D.


A concrete truck loaded with concrete weighs 31 tons. How many pounds does the loaded truck weigh?

What is 62,000 pounds.


Reid and his friends went to a movie at 4:45 p.m. The movie ended at 6:20 p.m. How long was the movie?

What is 1 hour and 35 minutes.


Luke walks 1.1 kilometers every day for exercise.

How many meters does he walk in one week?

What is 7,700 meters?


Carlie bought 48 yards of fabric to make curtains. How many inches of fabric did Carlie buy?

What is 1,728 inches.


Logan made 3 gallons of juice for a picnic. She said that she made 3/4 quart of juice. She made a mistake. How many quarts did she make?

What is 12 quarts?


Luke bought 5 pounds of carrots. How many ounces of carrots did he buy?

What is 80 ounces.


Reid and his friends went to a movie at 4:45 p.m. The movie ended at 6:20 p.m. Reid got home 45 minutes after the movie ended. What time did Reid get home?

What is 7:05 p.m.

Brooklyn made 7 quarts of lemonade. How many cups did she make?

What is 28 cups?


Logan needs to cut pieces of rope that are each 1 meter long to make rope key chains. If he has 3 pieces of rope that are each 1 decameter long, how many 1-meter pieces of ribbon can he cut?

What is 30 pieces.


Skyler filled 4 buckets with paint. If each bucket holds 1 gallon of paint, how many pints of paint did Skyler have?

What is 32 pints.


A male hippopotamus can weigh up to 5 tons. How many pounds is 5 tons?

What is 10,000 lbs


The lock-in starts at 8:30 pm. The lock-in lasts for ten hours. What time should the parents arrive to pick up their kid?

What is 6:30 am.


Turner and Noah are trying to see who can throw the baseball the longest distance. Turner throws the ball 3.1 decameters and Noah throws the ball 0.032 kilometers. Who won? By how many meters?

Who is Noah by 1 meter?


A plumber has a piece of pipe that is 2-meters long. He needs to cut it into sections that are 10 centimeters long. How many sections will he be able to cut?

What is 20 sections.


A large pot holds 12 quarts of spaghetti sauce. Kayla has 1-pint containers of spaghetti sauce. How many containers will she need to hold all of the spaghetti sauce?

What is 24 one-pint containers.


Amanda's backpack has a mass of 3 kilograms. What is the mass of Amanda's backpack in grams?

What is 3,000 grams.


A baker started making a cake at 9:30 am. If it takes 25 min. to prep, 45 min. to cook, 1 hour to cool and 1 1/2 to decorate. What is the earliest the cake can be picked up at the bakery?

What is 1:10 pm?


Grayson is practicing long track speed skating at an ice skating rink. The distance around the rink is 250 yards. He has skated around the rink 6 times so far. How many more yards does he need to skate around the rink to complete 3 miles?

What is 3,780 yards.

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