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BTH 6th Grade staff

Math time!  The sum of the combined years that the White Sox and Cubs won their respective World Series.

What is 4021?

2005 + 2016 = 4021


While most cities central business districts are called "downtown", Chicago's has a more unique name that is shaped by its public transportation rail line.

What is "the Loop"?


According to most Chicagoans, this is something that you do not put on a hot dog.

What is ketchup?


The Chicago city flag is one of the most famous city flags in the country.  It is unique because of this number of stars.

What is four stars?


what is Ms. Gp favorite color. 


Which train line serves both the Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Cubs?

What is the Red Line?


This structure was originally intended for use in shipping and entertainment. It has seen many uses over the years, but as of 1994 it is almost exclusively used for entertainment.

What is Navy Pier?


Which food is not from Chicago?

a) polish sausage 

b) italian beef

c) chocolate covered strawberries

d) chocolate  brownies

What are chocolate covered strawberries?


Why is Chicago called the Windy City?

Because of hot air blowing from politics!


What neighborhood did Mr. Josh grow up in.

Cabrini Green 


The Chicago Cubs did not always have their name, they once had a name similar to another sports team in the city.

What are the Chicago White Sox/White Stockings?


The Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower) was known for decades as the tallest building in the world. While not nearly as many floors above ground, there are actually a small amount of floors below ground level.

What are three floors?


While most people in the world know that deep dish pizza is unique to Chicago, this style of pizza is argued to be just as popular to those from the Windy City.

What is tavern-style pizza?


The Willis Tower is the what ranking in the highest skyscraper list?

What is 9th?


what celebrity from Chicago visited BTH

Who is dwyane wade?


While the Bears may be Chicago's favorite sports team, they have the longest drought without winning a championship and have not won since this year.

What is 1986?

January 26, 1986


Millennium Park in downtown Chicago has been a major tourist draw since its opening in 2004.  This structure actually lies underneath Millenium Park.

What is a parking garage?


What sweet treat did Chicago invent?

a) lollipop


c) chocolate cupcake

d) orange marmalade

What is the Twinkie?


This is the world's largest outdoor food festival.

What is the Taste of Chicago?


I played football in Canada/tennis in Africa.Who am I?


This famous Chicago Bull briefly wore the numbers 45 and 12.

Who is Michael Jordan?


Cinespace Studios is the home of these three Wednesday night Chicago television dramas.

What are Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, and Chicago Med?


This is Illinois' state pie.

What is the pumpkin pie?


What does Chicago mean?

What is "striped skunk" or "wild onion"? 

who is the youngest Bth teacher?

We cant tell you....

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