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Heart Attack (ack ack ack ack ack)
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NYHA class where patients are comfortable at rest but develop symptoms of heart failure with ordinary physical activity.

What is NYHA class II?


Two of the "atypical" pathogens that can cause pneumonia, named due to the difficulty of identication using standard tests.

What are M. pneumoniae/Legionella spp/C. pneumoniae/C. psittaci.


The first thing to evaluate when patient is/becomes obtunded/non-responsive.

What is ABC (airway, breathing, circulation)?


The three criteria for typical chest pain.

What is substernal, relieved by rest or NTG, exacerbated by physical activity/stress?

This NBA player is known as the "Greek Freak"

Who is Giannis Antetokounmpo?


Signs and symptoms of this type of heart failure include dependent edema, hepatomegaly, and JVD.

What is right-sided heart failure/cor pulmonale?


Criteria for macrolide monotherapy for CAP.

What is outpatient setting, low resistance area (<25%)?


Three common metabolic causes of acute encephalopathy.

What is hyponatremia/uremia/AKI/hepatic/thyroid/urinary retention/constipation?


The goal maximum time from health care encounter to cath lab for PCI in STEMI patients.

What is 90 minutes?


This city is the Pork Barbecue Capital of the world.

What is Memphis?


Switch to this from an ACEI or ARB to reduce mortality in patients with NYHA class II-III symptoms

What is Sacubitril-Valsartan (Entresto)?


The five CURB-65 criteria.

What is confusion/uremia/RR>30/hypotension/age>=65?


Three common symptoms of anticholinergic toxicity.

What is flushing/anhidrosis/dry mucous membranes/ mydriasis/altered mental status/fever/urinary retention?

(“red as a beet, dry as a bone, blind as a bat, mad as a hatter, hot as a hare, full as a flask”)


ST elevation (in mm) for a 64 year old man for leads V2-V3 to meet criteria for STEMI.

What is > 2?


The winner of the national spelling bee, Zaila Avant-garde, also holds this record.

Actually holds 3 Guinness World Records

1) Most dribbled basketballs at once (6)

2) Most basketball bounces in 30 seconds

3) Most basketballs juggled in 1 min (4)


Add this to improve mortality in patients on an ACEI/ARB and beta-blocker who have an EF less than 35%.

What is aldosterone antagonist? (spironolactone, eplerenone)


Three physical exam findings that are c/w pneumonia.

What is Increased WOB/rales/rhonchi/accessory muscle use/egophony/dullness to percussion/increased tactile fremitus?


The maximum amount (in mEq/L) chronic hyponatremia of less than 120 should be corrected over a 24 hour period.

What is 4-6 mEq/L?

Loading dose of clopidogrel if going for PCI.

What is 600 mg?


Name these 3 drinks

1. Latte

2. Mocha

3. Americano


The name of the trial that showed Ivabradine reduced the primary composite outcome of cardiovascular death or hospital admission for selected HF patients.

What is the SHIFT trial?


PSI grade of a 62 y/o man with hx of CHF, CVA presenting with SOB and cough, found to have radiographic evidence of RLL pneumonia.  Also has RR 33, hematocrit 26, and sodium 127.  Otherwise normal vitals, labs.

What is Grade IV? - PSI score of 112


The recommended dose of ceftriaxone for meningitis.

What is 2 g q12 hours?


Three groups that are most likely to present with atypical symptoms of ACS.

Women/diabetics/elderly/inferior ischemia.


Name two of the four artists known as the "Million Dollar Quartet"

Who are Elvis Presley/Johnny Cash/Carl Perkins/Jerry Lee Lewis?

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