What Should You Say?
What Should You Do?
Tinsel Talk
How Do They Feel?
Naughty or Nice

You're at your cousins house watching The Grinch. You are wearing a T-Shirt and you feel kind of cold. 

Ask your cousin to borrow a sweatshirt or to use a blanket.


Your grandma gave you a book you already have. 

Tell them "thank you" 


Merry Christmas!

Bonus: What could you ask to help keep the conversation going?

Merry Christmas!

Bonus: "Do you have any fun plans for the holiday?" OR  "What are you hoping to get this year?"


Your mom left the ham in the oven too long and it burned. She lets out a BIG sigh, she had been cooking it all day! 

She feels frustrated, upset, disappointed, or sad. 


You got a toy for Christmas that makes a lot of noise. Dad says he is trying to watch TV. You keep playing in the same spot. 

Bonus: What should you do?

Naughty. This is not a good choice and makes Dad feel angry or annoyed. 

Bonus: You should go to another room and play OR turn off the sound on your toy. 


Your friend asks you to come over and hang out, but it is the same day your grandpa is coming to visit.

Tell them you're sorry but you can't make it today, but maybe you can another day. 

You just got to the neighborhood Christmas party, but you don't know any of the people who are there. 

Introduce yourself by saying "Hi! I am _____. It is nice to meet you"


Hot chocolate is so yummy!

Respond with your thoughts on hot chocolate. 

My response would be, "I love hot chocolate too! I like to but marshmallows in mine."


Your cousin brings a friend to Christmas dinner. She doesn't know anybody and is sitting by herself in the corner.

She feels nervous, lonely, or sad.


Your cousin gave you a Christmas present. When you open it, you see it's not something you really like or wanted. You stomp on the box and tell your cousin you hate it. 

Naughty. This reaction is BIG and makes your cousin feel hurt and sad. 


Elf is on TV but you don't want to watch it by yourself. You know both of your sisters are home.

Bonus: What can you do if they both say no? Is it a big deal or little deal?

Ask them to watch Elf with you. 

Bonus: You can watch it by yourself or ask if they will watch it later. This is a LITTLE DEAL. 


You accidently broke the brand new action figure your brother got for Christmas.

Apologize and try to help fix it. 


What do you want most for Christmas this year? 

Tell them what you want! Then ask the question back.

"I want a sled! What do you want most for Christmas?"


Your uncle drove 8 hours to get to your house on Christmas day. It's 8pm and he keeps yawning. 

He feels tired. 


You are at grandma's house for Christmas and there is a lot of people there. It is starting to get very loud and that makes you feel anxious and nervous so you find a quiet spot to take a break. 

Nice. You may want to let mom know where you'll be but she will like your proactive choice!


Your family always has fruitcake for dessert on Christmas. You don't really like it. 

Tell your parents "No, thank you"


You and your friends are sledding and one of your friends falls and hurts his arm. He is crying and says it hurts really bad. 

Find a trusted adult. 


I love watching Frosty the Snowman!

Me too! I watched it just the other day with my brother. 


Your brother just opened his last present and he got the toy he has been wanting for months. He is jumping up and down. 

He feels happy or excited. 


You are helping decorate the Christmas tree when you drop a glass ornament and it breaks. You cry and blame your brother. 

Naughty. This is BIG reaction and it makes your brother feel mad. 


You wish your friend a Merry Christmas, but he tells you he celebrates Hanukkah instead. 

Tell them "Happy Hanukkah!" 


You want to buy your friend a present, but you're not sure what she might want for Christmas. 

Think about things she likes and get her something you think she would like.


What are your plans for Christmas break?

Tell them! Make sure to ask a question back.

"I am planning on going to grandma's. What are you going to do?"


Your sister lives in California and said she couldn't make it home for Christmas. She just walked in the door and your dad's mouth and eyes are wide open.

He feels surprised or shocked.


Your friend is passing out a Christmas treat, but it has peanuts in them and you're allergic to peanuts. You tell your friend "no, thanks."

Nice. This reaction is LITTLE because it is a LITTLE problem. Your friend thinks you are being polite. 

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