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What is the normal maximum air pressure in your brake system?

 What is 120psi?


How many stomachs does a turkey have?

What is 2?


Personal 4 head gas monitors must be able to detect what?

What is: 

LEL (combustible gas - lower explosive limit) 

O2 (oxygen) 

H2S (hydrogen sulphide) 

CO (carbon monoxide)


It takes 9 of us to hold this family together, what are we?

What is Life Saving Rules?

1. Work Permit

2. Process/Mechanical/Electrical Isolations

3. Driving Safety

4. Excavation

5. Lifting Operations

6. Working at Heights

7. Confined Space Entry


You are required to use this technique whenever entering or exiting equipment?

What is 3 point contact?


What is the Maximum amount of hours a driver is permitted to drive before they are in violation?  

What is 13hrs?


Huge mistake often made when deep frying a turkey?

What is frozen and wet.

Make sure your Thanksgiving turkey is completely thawed and dry. Extra water will cause the oil to bubble furiously and spill over. If oil spills from the fryer onto the burner, it can cause a fire


Is Benzene lighter or heavier than air?

What is lighter than air.

Fire and Explosion factors to consider include:  

NOTE: Pure Benzene is highly flammable. Since most CPC products have low Benzene concentrations, the other contents of a product have a greater impact on the fire and explosion hazard.


What LSR do we follow that is required before the start of work. Must be communicated to all effected persons, including those who arrive after work has begun.

What is a Work Permit?


What should you do whenever returning to operate your piece of equipment?

What is a 360 walk around?


What is a legal requirement before driving any vehicle exceeding a GVWR of 4500kgs?

What is a pre trip inspection?


Why is it important to have thermostat controls on fryer units?

Potential to overheat the oil to the point of combustion.


What are some Short-term (seconds to hours) effects of Benzene? At least 3

What is dizziness, drowsiness, headache, nausea and nose or throat irritation. Cracked, infected or irritated skin

Long-term (chronic effects) of Benzene? 

What is Nose or throat irritation, various blood disorders and cancer (leukemia).


What LSR states to perform a thorough risk assessment prior to making any changes and communicate between shifts and crews?

What is Bypassing Safety Devices?


List at least 

-3 ergonomic injuries truckers often experience and

-3 actions/adjustments that can be made to prevent physical injury or pain

What is 

Wrist strain and/or carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Back, neck and shoulder pain.

Leg, foot & hand cramps

Visual discomfort-eye strain


Change hand position on steering wheel, do not squeeze harder than necessary, adjust the seat, seat cushions/lumbar support, stretch when exiting cab before lifting or bending, avoid twisting while exiting, dress for weather, hydration, vehicle to match body size, easy grab handles, running board etc.


What is the speed limit when passing workers near/on roadway at Surmont?

What is 15 km/h?


What class of fire extinguisher is use for oil/grease?

What is Class B or ABC- Class B extinguishers are for use on flammable liquids like grease, gasoline and oil.

If it's kitchen grease (K)

Never use water to extinguish a grease fire.


How often do you have to be fit tested in Alberta?

What is every 2 years?


What LSR has you always maintain and honor exclusion zones and position yourself to avoid injury?

What is Line of Fire?


What is the top Health & Safety Risks in General Trucking? List at least 5

What is 

1. Distracted driving 

2. Driver fatigue 

3. Careless drivers on the road (other truck drivers, other motorists) 

4. Driving conditions 

5. Lack of truck awareness for average everyday car drivers sharing the roads with the trucking industry 

6. Slips, trips, and falls 

7. Stress 

8. Inadequate or insufficient training, skills, or qualifications 


What is the radial distance that a driver can operate from their home terminal that exempts the use of log books?

What is 160kms.?


The best way to determine if a cranberry is ripe?

What is to see if it can bounce?


What LSR has you ensure all isolations are in place and perform initial and continuous atmospheric monitoring?

What is Confined Space?


A collaboration within a group that can help solve difficult problems?

What is an FLRA?

Teamwork can be acceptable for this answer.


To meet emission standards manufacturers are expected to introduce EGR systems on trucks. What does EGR stand for?

What is Exhaust Gas Recirculation?

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