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What is a college "application?"
This is a document or series of documents you must complete to see if you will be accepted into a college.
If you are an economist, or study economics, then you are mostly studying what?
Money, Wealth, Finances

How many colleges & universities do you think there are in Wisconsin? 

25, 55, 85, or 135

There are about 85 colleges & universities in WI, including private and public schools.  The UW-System has 26 public college campuses.  

If you make new styles of clothes then you studied:
Fashion Design

In the Human Services category, what is the minimum education you need to work in "Counseling and Mental Health Services."

A Bachelor's degree (4 years) is required for most counseling and mental health jobs.  Some even require a Master's degree

What is a college "major?"
This is the subject or related to the subjects you study in college.
If your job is to design and make buildings then you studied:
Architect - Architecture

True or false: There are post-secondary programs that can prepare you for a career in just 1-3 years of training after high school.


These types of programs include: technical college, community college, certificate programs, and apprenticeships.

If you learned how to use science and technology to build machines, engines, and other structures, then you studied:

From the Transportation category, name a "Sales and Service" job that only requires a high school diploma.

Parking lot attendant

Stock clerk

Order filler

What are college "dorms?"
This is a building/residence or place where students can live when they go to college.
If you design apps for the iPhone or Galaxy 6, then you probably studied:
Computer Programming
When you finish you Bachelor's Degree in college, that means you studied for how many years? 2, 4, or 6?
A Bachelor's Degree is 4 years of college.
If you performed in plays and studied how to act then your college major was:
From the Architecture category, name another pathway with occupations related to "Construction."
Design and pre-construction


What are "extracurricular activities?"
These are other activities you can do other than your classes, such as playing a sport, being part of a club, and etc.
If you use science to gather evidence and information that can be used in courts for criminal trials then you studied:
Forensic Science
While you are in college, are you allowed to change your major, or area of study? Yes or No.
Yes, you are allowed to change your major during your time in college.
How many years of college and study do you need to become a doctor?
To become a doctor you need to study anywhere between 11-16 years, including 4 years of college, and 4 years in medical school.

From the Arts category, click on "Visual Arts."  How many years of education is required to teach art, drama, or music?

4 years

What is "financial aid?"
Financial aid is money you may receive from the government to help you pay for college.
If you scientifically studied the human mind and how this affects people's behaviors, then in college your major was:
If you earned a Master's Degree, then how many years did you study in college?
For a Master's Degree you studied at least 5-6 years in college.
To become a lawyer, how many years of college study do you need?
A lawyer needs to complete 7 years of college education, including their Master's Degree.

From the Law category, click on "Emergency and Fire Management Services."  If a firefighter has to study for 3 years, how much many MORE years of study does a firefighter need than a dispatcher?

2 more.  A firefighter's maximum education (3 years) - a dispatcher's 1 year = 2.

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