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This is what big girl's don't do

What is Cry?

Released in October 1962 it was a hit for The Four Seasons.


Seven little men advice us to Whistle while we do this.

What is work.

Popular song from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. 


Little Shirley kept finding these in her soup.

What are Animal Crackers?

Animal Crackers in My Soup was introduced by Shirley Temple in the film Curly Top in 1935.


Oh what a beautiful this.

What is morning?

The opening song from Oklahoma. Premiered on Broadway in 1943.


This is what Sweet Alice wore.

What is blue gown?

Alice Blue Gown was performed by Edith Day i the 1919 Broadway musical Irene. It was recorded and released in 1920.


We aren't suppose to let the sun catch us doing this.

What is crying? 

Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying was released in 1964 by the British group Gerry and the Pacemakers.


This was why the bear went over the mountain.

What is to see what he could see?

A very popular children's song.


This just keep rolling along.

What is 'Ol Man River.

This Broadway show tune dates back to 1927 and the musical Show Boat. 


This is itsy bitsy teenie weenie.

What is a Yellow Polka Dot Bikini?

A novelty song sung by Brian Hyland. First released in June of 1960.


We should be counting these instead of sheep.

What are Your Blessings.

Written by Irving Berlin, Count Your Blessings became popular after the release of the 1954 movie White Christmas. Sung by Bing Crosby.


He's the one hopping down the bunny trail.

Who is Peter Cottontail?

Here comes Peter Cottontail...hopping down the bunny trail....


This is what Maurice Chevalier was thankful for.

What is Little Girls?

Released in 1957 Thank Heaven for Little Girls is from the movie Gigi.


This is what we button up when the wind blows cold.

What is an overcoat.

Advised to button up your the song of the same name. Published in 1928 and first performed later that same year by Ruth Etting. The most famous recording was by Helen Kane, who became the inspiration for the voice of Betty Boop.


He hangs up high in a banana tree.

What is a yellow bird?

Yellow Bird was released in 1961.


This is who you ask to cuddle up a little closer.

Who is Lovey Mine?

First published in 1908 it is from the Broadway musical Three Twins.


It's advised to direct you feet here.

What is the sunny side of street.

.1930 song credited to Jimmy McHugh as composer, but many think it was Fat Waller who actually composed it, but sold the rights to the song..


This makes you wonder if you've ever seen such a sight in you life as these.

What are Three Blind Mice?

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