Indirect Requests

Katie and Alexa share a room. Katie is playing music on her speaker. Alexa says, "It sounds like a concert in here! I'm trying to get my homework done."

Alexa wants Katie to turn down the music.


Cara tried not to fidget in her new dress. There were at least a hundred people in the audience.
What if she messed up? She heard her name and for a moment, she could not move. The girl next to her gave her a gentle push and she walked onto the stage and toward the piano.

What was Cara feeling? 

Cara was feeling scared and nervous about her piano recital.


Gossip can harm relationships, making people not trust each other and causing problems.

What does harm mean? 

To hurt or injure someone 


Before you leave the classroom for lunchtime, your teacher says, "Jackson is a new student. He has a red shirt on. I bet he feels lonely not knowing anyone."

Your teacher wants you to talk to Jackson so he's not lonely.


Josh hid behind the bushes. Soon, a group of older boys walked by talking and laughing. Josh's heart was beating fast. He tried not to make any noise. Josh waited until he could not hear the boys anymore. Then he picked up his books and walked home.

Why was Josh hiding? What makes you think so?

Josh was walking home from school and was hiding from some bullies - he was scared.


The sunset's beauty doesn't last long; it's only there for a brief time before it gets dark.

What does brief mean? 

Short amount of time


Natalie and Maria are sitting on the couch watching tv. Natalie puts on Peppa Pig. Maria sighs and says, "I don't like this show."

Maria wants Natalie to put on a different show.


The teacher was talking to the class. Jack and Rachel were whispering back and forth to each other. They didn’t hear the directions.

What do you think will happen next? 

They will have to ask the teacher or another classmate for the directions. 

They won't know what to do. 


There are an abundant amount of trees in the forest; they're everywhere you look.

What does abundant mean? 

Lots of something; Many


Lily is sitting on a busy bus. A woman carrying a baby is standing in front of her. The woman says, "Wow my feet hurt."

She wants to sit down. Lily should offer the woman her seat.


Carlos looked down at the people far below. It was a little scary to be so high, but he knew he was safe. The sun felt hot. Carlos decided to buy a snow cone when he was on the ground again.

Where is Carlos?

Carlos was on a ride at an amusement park or fair.


The superhero in the movie is really courageous; they're not scared of anything.

What does courageous mean? 

To be brave


Mike and Hannah are talking to each from across the house. Mike asks Hannah a question, but doesn't hear her answer. He says, "Hannah, could you be any quieter?"

He wants her to speak louder so he can hear her.


Ana and Sophie sat in their chairs staring straight ahead for nearly two hours. They quietly enjoyed their snacks and did not talk at all.

Where were Ana and Sophie? 

Ana and Sophie were at the movies.


They strolled through the park at a leisurely pace, enjoying the tranquility of the surroundings.

What does leisurely mean?  

Unhurried or relaxed