Context Clues
Elements of Fiction
Reading Comprehension

If the lightbulb is too dim to illuminate the room, it should be replaced. 

Using context clues, what does illuminate mean?

light up


I needed some extra support, in my math class. I didn't totally understand the problems.   

Using context clues, what does support mean?



I had to rewrite my essay because it was sloppy.  

what does rewrite mean?

write again


Because the author was so modest, she didn't make a big deal about her book being published.

Using context clues, what does modest mean?

shy, not liking to brag


A person, animal, or object who has a part
in the action of the story.

setting, character, plot, theme



Today is a special day for Bob. He was waiting at the bus stop with his dad. He is a little scared. He is meeting his second-grade teacher for the first time. He hopes he likes her. He hopes he makes new friends in his class, too.

What day do you think this is for Bob?

first day of school


We do not like how the animals in the circus are treated, so our plan is to boycott the circus.  

Using context clues, what does boycott mean?

refuse to support


The father and son collected kindling, so they could start a campfire. They got it from underneath a tree and broke it into little pieces. 

Using context clues, what does kindling mean?

dry twigs and sticks


I was in disbelieve when I saw that giant ufo flying in the air. 

what does disbelieve mean?

no believe


Mary left her umbrella at her friend's house so she got drenched during the rain storm on her way home. 

Using context clues, what does drenched mean?

soaked, very wet


The struggle or problem between two characters.

plot, setting, character, conflict



Every student in class had to study the life cycle of an animal. Beth chose one she wanted to learn more about. She often saw it in the pond near her house. She was amazed, though, when she really followed one closely from it's beginning as an egg to a tadpole until its legs developed.

What animal did Beth study?



The company had to demolish, the building to make room for the new parking lot. They used a wrecking ball. 

Using context clues, what does demolish mean?



In the past month we have had almost every type of precipitation, including rain, sleet, snow, and hail.  

Using context clues, what does precipitation mean?

rain, sleet, snow, and hail


Ted thought we should go play in the rain, I disagreed with him.  

what does disagreed mean?

not agree


The consequence of the rain was that the soccer game was cancelled.

Using context clues, consequence means...

result, effect, outcome


The series of related events that make up the story.

plot, character, setting, conflict



The old man was walking down the street slowly. Since he was a pedestrian, he stayed along the outer edges of the lanes and was careful to keep to the crosswalks as he crossed to other streets.

What does the word "pedestrian" mean in the paragraph above?

a walker


Anna has always wanted to become a doctor. She has had straight A's since pre-k. The best way to describe Anna is she is ambitious.

Using context clues, what does ambitious mean?

someone who works hard and is driven to succeed


We will be camping for 2 weeks. Are you sure we packed enough provisions?

 Using context clues what does provisions mean?



Tomorrow I will preview the passage before I start reading. 

 what does preview mean?

view before

The effects of the tornado where catastrophic, and the town took a long time to rebuild.

Using context clues, catastrophic means...

causing great damage


The main idea or message is revealed in a work of literature.

plot, theme, setting, conflict



Do you carpool to school? Do you take a bus? It should be a requirement for everyone to either share a ride or walk to school every day. If we are serious about saving the planet, we must take steps to conserve energy and reduce fossil fuel emissions.

What is the authors purpose in writing this?



He made a lot of bad choices and knew that he may get in trouble with the police. He knew his future was precarious. 

Using context clues, what does precarious mean?

likely to fall apart


Lou was sent to the haberdashery to find a new suit. He needed to wear one for his uncle’s wedding.  

Using context clues, what does haberdashery mean?

a place where clothes for men are sold


Love is unmeasuable. 

what does unmeasurable mean?

not being able to measure


With a few alterations I was able to make the old witch costume into a scary vampire costume.

Using context clues, what does alterations mean?

changes, fixes


This character is the main character in the story.

antagonist, secondary character, background character, protagonist



Sarah knew time travel was impossible. Everything she’d learned in science told her it couldn’t be done. But as she looked around the street, noting the horse-drawn carriages and the women dressed in long dresses and hats, she realized she was in the nineteenth century. 

What is the authors purpose for writing this?


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