Mood Meter
Friendship skills

How my body feels when angry

My body feels tense and my head feels hot. 


It's bedtime and I am trying to go to sleep. What can I do?

I can focus on my breathing to relax my body. 


I'm interested in making a new friend at school, what could my strategy be?

I can be friendly, ask them what they are interested in to find things we have in common.  I can also invite them to play. "Do you want to join me?"


What should I do to get ready for bed?

I brush my teeth, put on PJ's, read a book, make my bed and do something relaxing. 


How I feel when no one will play with me at recess 

I feel lonely and sad


I have a nightmare what should I do?

Take deep breathes and say my mantras.


A friend is unkind on a playdate what should I do?

Share my thoughts and feelings and if I still have a problem, go find a grown up and ask for help?


What is something that you shouldn't do close to bedtime?

What is playing on your device or watching electronics.  AVOID bluelight.


In person school is cancelled and I feel really disappointed.  What can I do?

I can use zoom and be flexible and try to make the best of it


I am getting too exited running around before dinner.

I can stop and. do my breathing, 


I can't go to school but I want to still be connected with some friends. What can I do?

Make a plan to connect on zoom and spend some time together.

I had a nightmare, what should I do?

I can remind myself that I'm safe, I'm OK, I can depend on myself. Do my breathing, and remember thoughts can't hurt my body. 


It's raining outside and my plans are cancelled, what could I do?

I can be flexible and find something else to do.


I'm reading a scary part of a book or watching something on my ipad that makes me feel scared.  What should I do?

Go get a grown up or turn it off. You always have the power to turn it off and protect yourself. 

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