Healthy Coping Skills
Unhealthy Coping Skills
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Name a healthy coping skill that you use or want to start using.

- Reading

- Writing/Journaling

- Listening to music

- Talking to friends/family

- Taking a walk

- Deep breathing

- Meditation


Give one example of an unhealthy coping skill.

- Throwing things

- Saying something mean to others

- Yelling at others

- Harming others or yourself


Which of the following is a benefit of using healthy coping skills?

a.) they reduce stress

b.) they allow us to create better relationships

c.) they allow us to have a healthy mind and body

d.) all of the above

d.) all of the above


True or False: 

Talking to others about problems in our lives is a healthy coping skill.


Talking to others allows us to share our emotions and problems so that we do not have to go through them alone.


Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? (its a popular cartoon)

Spongebob Squarepants


Name two healthy coping skills that you use or want to use.

- Playing a game

- Talking to a therapist

- Watching t.v./movies

- Exercising/Going for a walk

- Playing sports

- Arts and Crafts

- Talking with friends


Give two unhealthy coping skills that you have seen other people do?

- Yelling at others

- Saying mean things

- Not eating enough

- Avoiding the problem


How has using healthy coping skills helped you currently or in the past?

- Feeling more relaxed

- Having a clear mind to help solve your problems

- Creating healthy relationships with others

- Being able to think about your response to a situation


True or False: 

Yelling and harming others/yourself is a healthy coping skill?



What is the sweet food made by Bees?



Healthy coping skills help us:

a.) Deal with stressors in our lives

b.) Work through our emotions and problems

c.) Process our thoughts and emotions

d.) All of the above

d.) All of the above

Using healthy coping skills allow us to take a minute and process what is happening with our emotions, stressors, thoughts, and problems.


What are some consequences that unhealthy coping skills bring? 

When we use an unhealthy coping skills we can hurt ourselves, hurt others, cause more problems that we have to deal with, etc.


Exercise is a great coping skill that is good for your m____, body, and s____ .

Mind, Soul

Exercise helps you stay healthy mentally, physically, and spiritually.


True or False:

Coping skills are used to avoid problems in our lives.


Coping skills help us work through our problems and emotions. You do not want to avoid these! Avoiding is considered an unhealthy coping skill.


Name 3 U.S. presidents 

Good Job 


What is a healthy coping skills you can use at school?

-Breathing exercise

-Cold drink of water

-Talking with the counselor/trusted adult

-taking a walk with permission


Dani has a lot of stress from day program. When she gets home, she yells at her brother to get her frustration out. Is this a healthy coping skill?


Talking with someone is a great coping skill. However, yelling is unhealthy and it may cause issues in our relationships.


What coping skills can be used to reduce stress? Name three.

- meditation

- talking with someone

- breathing exercises

- exercise

- mindfulness

- yoga


True or False:

There are only 20 letters in the Alphabet


There are 26 letters in the Alphabet


Name 3 popular restaurants that sell fried chicken?

Bojangles, KFC, Popeyes, Hardees, Zaxby's 


Name three things that you can journal (write) about every day.

- Your feelings (sad, happy, mad, motivated, etc.)

- Thoughts

- Types of coping skills that you used that day

- Things/activities that you did that day

- Goals that you have for the week/month/year


Marley gets in to a fight with her mom. She decides to leave the situation and go for a walk in her front and backyard. Is this a healthy coping skill?


Going on a walk and leaving the situation is a great way to reduce stress and calm down. 


What do coping skills help us with?

Coping skills help us work through and process our emotions so that we can reduce the effect that stressors have on our lives.


True or False:

Coping skills are not important to your well-being.


Coping skills create a sense of calmness, confidence, and inner-peace. They are important for your overall health.


Name 2 animals and then give the name of what they call their babies. Examples- adult bear would name their baby a cub. 

good job

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