Name the Emotion
Name the Coping Skill
Random Questions
Zones of Regulation

eyes open wide, smiling, feeling good, body is calm 



What is it called when you slowly take in air and let it out?

Deep breathing


True or False, it is not okay to feel bad emotions like angry, sad, jealous.



What are the four colors of the zones of regulation?

Green, blue, yellow, and red  


Carly just found out her mom surprised her by picking her up early from school to take her to the movies. How does she feel and what zone is she in?

She feels happy and is in the green zone

She feels excited and is in the yellow zone


Cheeks red, muscles tight, hands cross or in fists, eyebrows down, frown

Angry/ Mad


What is it called when you need to stop what you're doing?

Take a break


Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? 

SpongeBob SquarePants! 


Which zone means we are ready to learn?



Michael's teacher put the class into groups for the activity. Michael is in a group with none of his friends. He feels his body tighten, his cheeks turn red and hot, and he begins to scream at his teacher. He then walks over to his desk and swipes everything off the table. How is he feeling, what zone is he in and what coping skills could he use to feel better?

-Angry, disappointed


-deep breathing, counting, walk away, find a positive in situation, etc.  


tears or watery eyes, eyes looking down, eyebrows pointed down, frowning, low energy

Sad/ Upset


Name 3 trusted adults you can talk to when you are feeling a negative emotion?

answer varies 


True or False, all coping skills work the same for everyone.


Which zone are you in if you're tired and can't focus?



Zoe's mom yelled her this morning because she wasn't getting ready for school quick enough. When she arrives to school, she is not talking to anyone, avoiding eye contact, and her eyes look watery. How is she feeling, what zone is she in and what coping skills could she use to feel better?



-Deep breaths, write down her feelings, talk to a friend or trusted adult, color, ask for hug, talk to her mom when she gets home, etc. 


Cheeks red and hot, eyes looking down or away, bellyache, sweating 



What is it called when you tell yourself positive/good thoughts?

Positive Affirmations/Positive Thinking 


Name 4 characters from Minecraft



What zone are you in if you're ripping up your homework, screaming and throwing things?



Tyler is playing the lead role in the school play. He is about to go on stage, he starts to sweat, feel sick and his heart is racing. How is he feeling, what zone is he in and what coping skills could he use to feel better?

-Nervous/ scared


-Deep breaths, counting, positive affirmations 


Sweating, difficulty breathing, bellyache, biting nails or fidgeting, eyes looking away or moving around a lot, cheeks red



Name 3 coping skills that you can use if you are feeling a negative emotions (sad, angry, nervous, scared, etc.).

Take deep breaths, take a break, walk away, take a walk, talk to an adult, listen to music, color, exercise, do something you enjoy, write down your feelings, etc. 


What does Harry Potter have on his forehead?

A scar


Provide one emotion for each zone

Green- control of self, happy, calm, relaxed energy (where we want to be)

Blue- low energy, sad, tired 

Yellow-starting to lose control of self, too silly, frustrated, confused

Red- loss of control of self, extremely angry or upset, poor choices


Joseph's class is on the carpet listening to a story. Instead of sitting criss-cross on the carpet, Joseph is rolling around, invading other people's personal space and making noises. How is feeling, what zone is he in and what coping skill(s) could he use to help him calm down?

-Silly or distracted

-Yellow zone

-Ask to take a walk, get a drink of water, fidget toy, grounding

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