Rules of Customer Service
Defining Customer Service
Handling Difficult Customers
Customer Loyalty
Bonus Customer Service

Customer Service impacts what areas of the company?

Every area of the company.


You are likely to keep a customer if they have had this type of experience?

What is positive?

What is fair? 

What is excellent, timely, fast ?


You should use all the information you can to determine emotion because...

Words, body language and tone don't always match.


Why should you ask questions?

To make sure you understand the customer's issue.


Studies say that you only have _________ to make a first impression?

What is 7 seconds?

How do you prevent customers having to explain things to you more than one time?

Listening to your customers.

Paying attention.

Proactive listening.


The customer expects this type of service.

What is friendly?

What is prompt, professional, fair, honest?

What is fast, timely ?


Why should you acknowledge the customer's feelings?

So the customer can move forward.

Why should you follow through on the promises you make to customers?

To rebuild the customer's trust.

To keep the customer happy.

To make sure your company's image improves. 


A good way to ensure the customer experience starts off on the right foot

what is having a positive and consistent greeting?

What is "smile" when you answer the phone? 

What is making a great first impression?


A CSR should never make _________ to customers.

Promises they can't keep.

Inaccurate directions.


How can stereotypes affect the way you treat customers?

Stereotypes can cause you to misjudge and mistreat customers.

_________ is crucial for providing great customer service to a confused or frustrated customer.

BONUS questions worth double !

What is patience?

What is Empathy?


How do you express empathy?

Communicate that you understand someone else's situation.


Response to a customer's concerns and problems should be a ___________ and not a cold lifeless script.

What is positive conversation?


The definition of Customer Service

What is the product of an interaction between an organization and a customer.


The ability to understand and share the feelings of the customer.

What is empathy?


What if you can't give a customer exactly what they want?

Find a solution that works for both you and the company. 


An effective way of handling complaints.

What is act  immediately?

What is acknowledge the problem?

What is be polite , patient, attentive?

What is be empathetic , understanding?


You won't know how to help customers if you don't have this:

Knowledge of the product and policy.


Staff should always be trained to be......

What is helpful, courteous, or knowledgeable?


Customers prefer to work with enthusiastic CSR's that are _______.

What is educated or knowledgeable?

what is compassionate, empathetic? 

what is professional or courteous?


What does it mean to focus on what you CAN do?

Never say "NO".

Offer alternative solutions or options.


A good way to personalize your relationship with a customer.

Using a customer's name.

Genuinely care.

Use words like: "I" "We" "Our" and "You."


The Golden Rule for a Great Customer Experience?

What is " treat others the way you want to be treated?"

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