Phone Etiquette
Walkie Etiquette
Dining & Housekeeping

What is the proper Charter greeting when answering the phone?

Remember to speak clearly with a smile in your voice!

1. “Good Afternoon.” 

2. “Thank you for calling Charter Senior Living of Fredericksburg.”

3. “This is ______.”

4. “How may I assist you?”


How do you tell the nursing team Mr. Smith needs assistance going to the bathroom in the lobby?

111 needs assistance in the lobby. 

If the resident needs medication, say "111 needs a nurse in the lobby."


What do you do if a resident in the lobby needs assistance going to the restroom, but they aren't on your assignment and no one else is around to help?

IF YOU ARE A NURSE OR CAREGIVER- HELP THE RESIDENT! THEY ALL ARE OUR RESIDENTS AND WE ARE A TEAM! Do not let a resident suffer and wait because they are not on your assignment.


What is the phrase that is heard over the walkie when a tour is in the building? 

The ship is sailing.


How should you serve a resident in the dining room?

Greet guests.

Take beverage orders. Learn your resident's names and always give them a choice!

Return with beverages, take meal orders.

Serve food in the following order:

Appetizer, soup, salad, entrée.

Check in on your guests:

Be specific – i.e. ‘How was your lasagna?’

Anticipate needs (beverages, condiments, etc.).

Clear dirty dishes as service progresses.

Thank guests.


What is the proper way to end a phone call?

Review the details the caller gave you if necessary.

Remember to say “thank you”! 

“Thank you so much for calling.” 

"We appreciate your call.”

Hang the phone up gently after the caller has terminated the call.

Always let the caller hang up first.


If someone is calling for your assistance on the walkie, what should you do?



What should you do if a family member asks if their loved one got a shower and wants to know their shower days?

Find out their shower day for them then let the nurse know so they can look at their care tracker to see if the shower was done. Ask the nurse for help with all medical concerns.


Who should interact with tours in the building?

All staff should interact with tours in the building- this is your chance to make a connection and get to know your future resident! 


How can you help a new resident feel welcomed in the dining room?

Help new residents adjust and meet others!


What do you do if you are on a phone call, and you don't know the answer to a question being asked?

NEVER SAY I DON'T KNOW! We are all here to help all of our callers! Tell the caller "I will find out the answer for you." and ask permission to place the caller on hold. 

Be a problem solver and find out the information for the caller! If you can't find the information, take their name and phone number with their question, contact the manager of the day or your supervisor to find the answer, then call them back.


If you are on break when someone calls for your help over the walkie, what should you do?


The proper response is "I am unavailable at the moment, can someone else please assist."


What should you do if a family member has a medical concern about their loved one?

Alert the nurse immediately! Always best to have the family member speak with the nurse directly. Make sure you document their request and pass it along in shift report!


What is the incentive if I can get someone I know to move in? 



What do you do if a resident or family member asks you to clean their apartment, but it isn't their scheduled day to be cleaned?

Tell the family member you will get to the room as soon as possible. Readjust your cleaning schedule to get the room cleaned.


What is the process for placing a call on-hold & transferring?

1. Ask permission to place the caller on hold.

2. If it takes longer than 60 seconds, return to the line to let the caller know that you have not forgotten them!

3. Tell them who they are being transferred to: “I am connecting you to Janel, our Sales Director, she will be happy to assist you.” Or “I am connecting you to Connie, our Manager on Duty, she will be happy to assist you.”

4. Be sure to transfer to the appropriate representative! 


How do you announce on the walkie that there is a resident emergency?

Say you need a nurse STAT to the location the emergency is occurring! 

We need a nurse STAT in the lobby! Repeat the message until you hear someone copy!

If a resident has fallen, you can say "Fallen star in the lobby"


What should you do if a resident or family member needs help and it's not your job?

NEVER TELL THEM IT'S NOT YOUR JOB! Depending on the situation, you may be able to help even if it's not your job! 

Tell them you will find someone who can help as soon as possible!


How can I help prepare for tours? 

ALL STAFF CAN HELP PREPARE FOR A TOUR! We all should take pride in our building :)

If you see trash, pick it up, including in the parking lot. 

Remove laundry, trays, and carts from the hallway. 

Residents engaged in activities and not sleeping in the lobby! 


What should you do if a resident does not like their meal? 

Know your menu and offer them an alternative!


What do you do if the person the caller is trying to reach is unavailable?

Do not say things like: "She isn't here", “He’s at lunch”, “ She’s busy.”, "she's taking her dog to the vet."

More appropriate is: “Janel, our Sales and Marketing Director, is with a resident right now. Can I connect you to her voice mail or I would be happy to find another manager to help you.”

"He/She is not available at the moment, can I take a message and he/she will call you back as soon as possible?"


Who can hear your communications on the walkie?

EVERYONE!!!! Keep chatter to a minimum, be mindful or tone and language! NO ATTITUDES ON THE WALKIE!

There is more at stake here than you think!


When should you discuss a resident with your coworkers? 

In the nurses station if the door is shut. NEVER TALK ABOUT A RESIDENT IN THE HALLWAY OR COMMON AREAS IN THE BUILDING! This is a HIPPA violation as your conversation could be overheard. 


How do you greet a tour?

Smile and say hello! Tell them your name, position, and how long you have worked here.

Ask them about their loved one or themselves!


What do you do if a resident already ate and has come back after the dining room closed wanting something to eat?

Give the resident something to eat! Offer the resident something to drink and if you are unsure of their diet or if they can have another meal, check with the nurse.