Emotion Regulation
Emotion Regulation2

What does emotion regulation mean?

To take charge of your emotions, to learn more about what you are feeling so that you can make choice


name 5 emotions

many responses possible :)


How can you Build Mastery?

Do at least one thing each day to feel competent and I control of your life. The idea is to challenge yourself a little, get better at something, or cross something off your "to-do" list.


What does GIVE stand for?

and what is the purpose of GIVE?

PURPOSE: keeping and maintaining healthy relationships

be Gentle, Act Interested, Validate, use an Easy Manner


What does THINK stand for?

see Interpersonal E. optional handout 13


Why are emotions good?

-Provide a signal that something is happening

-sometimes we have "gut feeling" - this can be helpful if it gets us to check out the facts

-emotions motivate and prepare us for action

-emotions communicate to, and influence, others


What does the acronym ABC PLEASE stand for?

Accumulating positive experiences

build mastery

cope ahead of time with emotional situations

treat Physical illness

Balanced eating, Avoid mood-altering drugs

Balance Sleep, Get Exercise


Tell me 3 ways that you can Cope Ahead?

Describe a situation that is likely to create negative emotions

Decide what DBT skills you want to use in that situation

Imagine the situation in your mind as vividly as possible

Rehearse coping effectively in your mind


What is an example of opposite action to the emotion: anxiety

to APPROACH events, places, tasks, activities, people that you are afraid of, over and over; confont

-do things to increase a sense of control and mastery over fears.


What is example of a way you've practiced Mindfulness?

You get to decide if answer deserves points :)


What are 3 goals of emotion regulation training? (In other words, why bother regulating emotions?)

-To Understand the emotions you experience

-To Reduce emotional vulnerability and stop unwanted emotions from starting in the 1st place

-to Decrease the frequency of unwanted emotions

-Decrease emotional suffering


Why would you want to accumulate positive experiences in the short term?

To build a Dam bet you and the Sea of Emotional Dyscontrol

-do pleasant things that are possible right now as these lead to Positive emotions


Tell me about the Wave skill with some detail

Experience your emotion

Practice mindfulness of emotional body sensations

remember: you are not your emotion

Don't judge your emotion - invite it home for dinner; name the emotion


When is it best to use OPPOSITE ACTION?

1. When the emotion does NOT FIT THE FACTS: meaning - the emotion doesn't fit the facts of the actual situation

2. When the opposite action is done ALL THE WAY:

Opposite Behavior, opposite words and thinking, and opposite facial expression, voice tone, and posture

Tell us about a skill that you used lately and how did it work?

What are 2 examples of vulnerability factors? (what makes you vulnerable to emotion mind?)

stressful situations, people, triggers that you've identified;


What are 3 steps toward accumulating positive experiences long term?

-Work toward goals based on your values

-Pay attn to relationships - repair old, create new, work on current rel. - what can you do right now?

-Avoid Avoiding - problems will build up and increases vulnerability to emotion mind (What are you avoiding?)


What are examples of common urges to emotions and an example of acting opposite?

Fear - escaping, avoiding OPP: APPROACH

Anger-attacking OPP: GENTLY AVOID

sadness - withdrawing, becoming passive OPP: GET ACTIVE

Shame - Hiding, avoiding OPP:FACE THE MUSIC


What stops you from achieving your goals?

Lack of Skill

Worry thoughts - you have the skill but worry thoughts interfere with your doing or saying what you want


Can't decide what you really want ie asking for too much vs not asking for anything

Environment - other people are too powerful, others may have some reason for not liking you if you get what you want, or won't give you what you need unless you sacrifice your self-respect


What are some coping skills you can use if someone says no to your request, or trying a new skill?


What are emotion regulation skills that can reduce emotional vulnerability?

1.Accumulate positive emotions

2. Build Mastery

3. Cope Ahead

4. PLEASE skills


tell me 3 things about the connection between food and mood

Sugary snacks and soda might make you feel tired and irritable

heavy, fatty food might make you feel sluggish

caffeine might make you feel jittery and more anxious

Positive examples on E.Reg handout 16a


Tell me what DEAR MAN stands for and what is the goal of DEAR MAN?

goal: to get somebody to do what you want, understanding it may not happen

InterPersonalE. Handout #1


What is FAST skill used for and what does it stand for?

Maintaining your self-respect

Be Fair; no Apologies; Stick to values; be Truthful (don't make up excuses or exaggerate or act helpless when you are not.)


give us an example of a mindfulness activity

Why is mindfulness so foundational to DBT?

Because it supports us in all the other skills - in other words, when we have mindfulness, we are better able to try new skills

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