Thinking Mistakes
Behavior Change

What is a thinking mistake?

A negative thought that we have often about ourselves or things around us. 


What is a reinforcement?

Something that is used to increase behavior.


What does the MBTI stand for?

Myers-Brigg Type Indicator


Where do thinking mistakes come from/how are they formed?

It usually comes from judgments, assumptions, emotions, past experiences etc.


What is punishment?

Something that is used to decrease behavior. 

What does dialectical mean?

Two things that are opposite can both be true.


Which thinking mistake involves when someone predicts their future negatively without considering other outcomes?

Catastrophizing or Fortune Telling


What does it mean in behavior change when something is positive or negative?

Positive means you're adding something, negative means you're taking something away.


What is self-validation?

When someone is able to validate their own thoughts, feelings and perceptions. Acknowledging the kernel of truths.


What are two thinking mistakes that are similar because they include someone focusing only on the negative AND not paying attention to the positives.

Mental Filter and Disqualifying the Positive


What is both positive reinforcement and positive punishment?

Positive reinforcement is when you add something to increase a behavior and positive punishment is when you add something to decrease a behavior.

Why do we use validation of others/self-validation?

To help someone or ourselves know that their feelings, thoughts and perceptions are important and valid. To promote acceptance and encourage one to share.


Name all 10 thinking mistakes. 

1. All or Nothing/Black and White thinking

2. Catastrophizing (Fortune Telling)

3. Mind Reading

4. Overgeneralization

5. Mental Filter

6. Disqualifying the Positive

7. Emotional Reasoning

8. "Should" Statements

9. Labeling

10. Personalization


What is negative reinforcement and negative punishment?

Negative reinforcement is when you add something to decrease a behavior and negative punishment is when you take something away to decrease a behavior.


Name the six steps use for validating others.

1. Pay Attention

2. Reflect Back

3. "Read Minds"

4. Understand

5. Acknowledge the Valid

6. Show Equality

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