Moroni's Visit
The Gold Plates
Important Figures
D&C 2

True or False: The angel Moroni that appeared to Joseph Smith is Captain Moroni.

False, he was the one who buried the plates


What was buried with the gold plates?

Urim and Thummim, breastplate that held the U&T (JSH 1:52)

Bonus: Sword of Laban 


Who did Joseph Smith marry?

Emma Hale


Who came to turn our hearts to our ancestors? 

Elijah the prophet


How many times did Moroni say his message to Joseph?

4 times, 3 during the night, and one in the field the next day


How long did Joseph have to wait to retrieve the plates?

4 years from Moroni's first visit


Who gave Joseph money to help him and his wife move to PA?

Bonus: How much money?

Martin Harris

Bonus: $50 


What does it mean to turn our hearts to our "fathers?"

The responsibility we have in performing proxy ordinances for our ancestors, and thus the need for family history work.


What was Joseph praying for before Moroni appeared?

For forgiveness of his mistakes and to understand how God felt about him (JSH 1:29) 


Why did Charles Anthon (a renowned historian in NY) decide he couldn't translate the gold plates?

Part of the book is sealed and he said he could not read a sealed book.


What was the name of Joseph's brother who passed away?

Why is this a significant part of Joseph's journey?


It left a burning question with Joseph about life after death which led to revelation on temple work.


Fill in the blank:

If it were not so, the whole earth would be ________ ________ at his coming.

utterly wasted

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