Space Rig

What are the Missions without Molly?

Point Extraction and On-Site Refining


What class is the green logo?



Which Dreadnought has the most health (Hint: including shields)

Dreadnought Hiveguard


Where is Jetty Boot?

Go to the left at the Barrel Hoop


Which does Dystrum appear?

Point Extraction and On-site Refining


What is the highest quota of Morkite you must mine in a Mining expidition mission?

400 Morkite


What is the drillers first secondary weapon?

Subata 120


How much more health does a glyphid oppressor have then a glyphid praetorian?

150 (Praetorian 750, Oppressor 900)

How many victory moves are there? (get within 5 an I will give it to you)



How long is Tier 1 Iron Will last?

6 seconds

What mutator gives the highest rewards (+100 if you can guess how much more it gives you)

Lithophage Outbreak (+50%)


How many millimeters in the Engineer's first secondary weapon's rounds?

40mm (Deepcore 40mm PGL)

What glyphid has the least health?

Glyphid spawn (5hp, swarmers have 12)


At which rank do you unlock the MULE statue?

Rank 6


How many enemies have elite versions?



What are the Crafting materials in the Salt Pits?

Enor Pearls and Bismor


Name the 4 armor names of the DRG classes (+100 if you can guess which class they belong to)

Mole (Driller), Fox (Scout), Barracuda (Gunner), Owl (Engineer)


how much more health does a glyphid grunt guard have then a regular glyphid grunt?

3 times (grunt 90, guard 270)


Name 3 of the players who can appear on the Jetty boot Highscore list

LLoyd, Bosco, MC, Mekill, Phil, Johann, Gravn


In hazard 5, what is the time in between swarms?

5m 30s


What is the Rarest material in DRG?

The Error Cube.


Which primary weapon does the most single target damage per second? (+100 if you can get with in 5 on each side of the damage per second)

The M1000 classic sniper (the scout's second weapon)


How many enemies have a x3 multiplier weak spot?



Name 5 PSA announcements on the Space RIg Information Channel

  • PSA: Your selected Class can be picked at any time from the Character Selection Terminal located in your Personal Quarters.
  • PSA: Your Loadout can be customized and upgraded from the Equipment terminal in the Launch Bay
  • PSA: No loud music allowed between the hours 2200-0700.
  • PSA: Dark Morkite Ale! It's got what dwarves crave!
  • PSA: The L4 bathrooms remain closed for extensive maintenance. The Clog is not yet cleared.
  • PSA: All firearms are to remain holstered or stowed at all times on board the Space Rig.
  • PSA: The M.U.L.E. units are neither sentient nor pets. Calling them "Molly" will not impact the MULE unit's programming.
  • PSA: Maintenance urges employees to not attempt entering the exhaust port at the top of the hangar.
  • PSA: Flush after going to the bathroom. Let us not have a repeat of the Incident.
  • PSA: Are you reading this? Then you're the kind of player we want for the exclusive "Regulars"-group on Discord! Sign up now!
  • PSA: The shooting range is currently closed for maintenance. Management urges employees not to train their firearms usage elsewhere on the station.
  • PSA: Thanks to the efforts of our employees, we are now serving Glyphid Omelettes in the Mess Hall!
  • PSA: A grenade launcher was found left behind in the Mess Hall. Be safe - please stow all heavy ordnance between missions.
  • PSA: Vegan options are now available in the Mess Hall! Enjoy a slice of peat-loaf today!
  • PSA: Remember, company resources are not to be spent frivolously! Conserve your ammunition! Maintain your gear!
  • PSA: The Employee of the Month Initiative is starting up again! Will it be you?
  • PSA: Hygiene is important. Please shower at least once every 30 orbital cycles.
  • PSA: It is recommended to change your bedsheets once every 30 cycles. Hoxxes holds worse than bedbugs.
  • PSA: Breakfast is cancelled. The bacon-shuttle is delayed.
  • PSA: Glyphid Slammer is once again stocked at the Abyss Bar!
  • PSA: Excessive use of Q-Mining is known to make you go blind!
  • PSA: Please do not leave hair-trigger grenades in the station lavatories.
  • PSA: Negotiations for increased bacon rations remain ongoing.
  • PSA: Management would like to remind every employee that we could not be in business without YOU!
  • PSA: Internships for Mission Control postings are now closed. Watch this space for new rounds.
  • PSA: Any rumors of hidden compartments in the launch bay are baseless.
  • PSA: Do not touch the Gravity Calibration controls.
  • PSA: Please show consideration for your fellow employees when partaking of alcohol.
  • PSA: Management repeats, going on missions while inebriated is against company regulations!

How many Overclocks are there?