Within the era of the player Guardian, who is the first major Hive character we must take out?

Crota, Son of Oryx


Which Eliksni House are we first exposed to in our Guardian's journey?

The House of Devils.


Name the major Cabal figure we fought within year one of Destiny 2.



After the collapse there were lightborn persons roaming the world causing death and theft.

What name was given to these light bearers?


Who is the Queen of the Awoken?

Mara Sov


Name the three sisters of the Osmium Court.

(Bonus 25 points if each sisters original names are used) 

Savathuun, Oryx, Xivu Aurath

(Sathona, Aurash, Xi Ro)


What was the name of the infamous Kell that killed Andal Brask?

Taniks, The Scarred.


Bungie wrote the Cabal to have culture based off of which cultural era within human history.

The Roman Empire.


This sect of lightbearers were considered by many to be the first true Guardians.

The Iron Lords.


What was the name of the first Queen's Wrath?

(A Qween's Wrath is like a first LT for the Queen of the Awoken. Think Petra Venj.)

Sjur Eido


What is the name of the home world of the Hive?

(Hint: The world they come from is very much like that of Titan the moon of Saturn.)

The Ocean World of Fundament


Name at least three Fallen Houses.

(Bonus 100pts if you can name all 10 major Houses.)

(Syndicates and sub divisions are not counted here. I.E. Spider's Syndicate, Devil Splicers, Scorn)

Dusk, Devils, Wolves, Light, Kings, Judgement, Salvation, Winter, Exile, Scar, 


Which branch of the Cabal army crashed their ship into the Dreadnaught, in order to create a beach head against the Hive.

The Skyburners.


Name all four of the factions that have appeared in the lore during the City Age.

Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, New Monarchy, The Concordat. 


Before the Great Hunt within Human culture, The Wish Dragons, known as Ahamkaras, were used to create which sacred home for the Reef Born Awoken?

The Dreaming City.


Define what the Sword Logic is. 

The basic idea behind the Sword Logic is that there is always some thing stronger than yourself. If you are stronger than something that holds any sort of power, that power is now yours by inheritance. (Perfect example is when Oryx had killed Savathuun and Xivu Aurath to prove to Akka that he had the strength to use the power of Taking.


The Spider is crime lord within the Tangled Shore, that has a hell of an interest in Human culture. What is one of his major collections? (His collection of dead Ghosts is not counted here.)

Records or Movies.


Calus was an eccentric Cabal leader. Who was the prime figure that dethroned him and sent him to the Leviathan.

His daughter Caiatl.


The Vanguard Dare is a system that ensures that there is always a Hunter rep for the Vanguard.

Which two hunters are the original creators of the Dare.

Cayde-6 and Andal Brask.

After the Darkness encountered the Yang Liwei that contained the humans that was eventually become the awoken, the Traveler let loose a massive pulse of light to push back the Darkness. This caused the singularity upon the location of the Colony ship. 

Where did the singularity send them?

The Distributary, The First True Home of the Awoken


Name the Four Hive worm gods.

Akka, Xol, Eir, Ur


Which house founded and united other houses to create an army for the battle of Twilight Gap.

House of Devils.


What was the name of the home world of the Cabal?

(Bonus 25 points if you can tell me what happened to their home world.)



"The Helmet Stayed on..." is a reference to which popular moment in the Lore?

When Shaxx was summoned by Riven by a wish made by Mara Sov. 


Who was Mara Sov's first love?

Sjur Eido

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