Digital Inequalities as an SDH
COVID-19 on Digital Inequalities
Digital Inequalities on COVID-19

What was one reason argued by Beaunoyer for why Digital Inequalities are an SDH?

Differences in access to technology or capacity to obtain benefits leads to unequal health information access, quality healthcare, cessation resources, etc. 


What is the directionality between COVID-19 and digital inequalities?

Bidirectionally, both impact each other.


What is a "digital desert"?

Areas of widespread limited access or subpar cell phones, laptops, and internet. 


Name one population most impacted by digital inequalities and why.

  • Lower socioeconomic status 

  • Older age groups > digital literacy

  • Lack of education > health literacy

  • Immigrants > language barriers

  • Lack of social support > social networks 


Explain why reliable health information is more difficult to access for disadvantaged people.

Lower levels of Health literacy, Digital literacy, less time, less experience with navigating journal and peer-reviewed health databases. 


What was one way argued by Beaunoyer to address digital literacy?

community programs, phone-support lines, and courses and curriculum changes at high schools and colleges


Name two causes of digital inequalities.

differences in technology access, differences in digital literacy 


Name three methods for improving health message acceptability.

Changing the tone of messages to be less directive, using culturally tailored language to reduce stigma, and translate health messages. 


What are two ways to regulate health messages on social media?

Increasing visibility of expert and validated sources, removing fake or misleading sources, cybersecurity/awareness campaigns about misinformation


What are all four proximal factors for effective and efficient technology use?

technical means, autonomy of use, social support networks, and experience


Name three ways that health message diffusion can be accomplished.

repetition/redundancy, using offline methods such as paper flyers and phone calling, and through celebrities/pubic figures


Name five solutions to digital inequality.

technical means, digital literacy, health message diffusion, health message regulation, health message acceptability, and health message understandability.