Things That Are in My Control
Things That Are Out of My Control
Ways I Feel
Ways to Feel Better
Talking About Divorce
  • Hitting someone else

  • Going for a bike ride

  • Eating dinner

  • Yelling at the top of my lungs

  • Pushing someone I love

What are My Actions?

  • My mom wouldn’t hug my dad when she got home

  • My dad tucked me into bed

  • My mom and dad fight in front of me

  • My mom and dad eat dinner with me every night

  • My dad moved out

  • My mom hugged me really tight yesterday morning, but she didn’t today

What are My Parent's Actions?

  • I pushed a friend but regretted it and felt sad when they got seriously hurt

  • I lied and couldn’t stop thinking about the trouble it caused for my parents

  • I yelled at my mom and blame myself for her wanting to move out

  • I hit someone at school, but felt really bad when I got in trouble

What is Guilty?

  • I used the four breathing method to calm down after my mom yelled at me

  • I touched 5 objects and smelled 4 things to ground myself

  • I used belly breathing to feel less overwhelmed after an attack

  • I hugged my friend and steadied my breathing to theirs

  • I pet my dog to calm down

What are Physical Techniques?

  • My parents don’t spend time together

  • My parents sleep in separate beds 

  • My parents no longer live together

What is Separation?

  • Complimenting a friend on their hair

  • Telling my parent I hate them

  • Asking for help with how I feel

  • Asking to be treated with respect

  • Saying I want to leave because I am scared

  • Voicing my opinion

  • Bragging about my new clothes

What are My Words?

  • Mom and dad had a really long talk with me about their feelings about each other

  • Mom hasn’t talked to me for a week

  • My dad asked me how my day was

  • My mom yelled at me, even though I wasn’t doing anything wrong

  • My dad keeps saying bad things about my mom

  • My mom is asking me to keep secrets from my dad

What are My Parent's Words?

  • Someone cut me in line and I couldn’t stop thinking about how it was unfair

  • My mom yelled at me and at first I felt hurt, but the hurt turned into a stronger emotion and I wanted to get back at her

  • My dad took away something of mine to punish me and I couldn’t stop thinking about how he wronged me

What is Angry?

  • I broke sticks to let out my anger

  • I spit outside over and over because I was disgusted

  • I listened to sad music and cried

  • I screamed outside because I felt overwhelmed

  • I ripped up paper because I felt destructive

  • I danced around my room because I felt happy

  • I put ice on my hands because I felt numb

What is Connecting With My Emotions?

  • People enjoy being together and want to be together for a long time

  • People want to profess their love in front of their loved ones and legally

What is Marriage?

  • Intentionally sabotaging a competitor

  • Making time to ask my friends how they feel

  • Purposefully being hurtful with my words because I’m angry

  • Making more work for someone else, because I didn’t clean up

  • Interrupting my friends and family because I have something more important to say

  • Taking on extra responsibility to help out someone who is struggling

What is How I Treat Others?

  • My mom cried because of something my dad said last week

  • My mom gets really excited when I make stuff for her

  • My mom gets angry really easily, she didn’t used to

  • My dad tells me he doesn’t love my mom anymore

  • My dad is really happy when he sees his brother

  • My dad doesn’t want to live with us anymore

  • My mom isn’t happy sleeping in the same room as my dad

What are My Parents' Feelings?

  • My friend got a better bike than me and I felt upset

  • My sister got a new toy that I wanted, so I wish she didn’t have it

  • My mom spends a lot of time with her new boyfriend, but I feel like I’m entitled to that time

What is Jealous?

  • I asked my mom to help me figure out what emotion I was feeling

  • I texted into a crisis hotline because I was having a panic attack

  • I asked to see my therapist because I was feeling sad every day

  • I told a friend about what my mom said to me and walked her through what happened

  • I asked to stay with my aunt because I missed being around my mom

  • I asked my therapist for a list of ways to calm down because I was feeling anxious

What is Finding Support?

  • My parents no longer enjoy being together and want to end their marriage

  • My parent’s marriage is no longer making them both happy and they want to legally end their marriage

What is Divorce?

  • When I felt hurt, I yelled at someone

  • When someone yelled at me, I cried and left without saying anything

  • When someone hugged me, I pulled away

  • When I fell, I got back up and kept going

  • When my parent said something mean, I told them that they hurt my feelings

  • When my parents were fighting, I left the room

  • When I felt scared, I thought about something I learned in therapy that calmed me down

What is How I React?

  • Mom and dad don’t want to live together anymore, but I want to live with both of them

  • Mom wants to move to a different state, but I don’t want to leave my friends

  • My dad got a new job and we have to go to a new country, this scares me

  • My mom doesn’t feel ready to live with me, so I have to live alone with my dad

  • My dad wants me to live with him, but I want to live with my mom

  • My dad upsets me and I don’t want to live with him anymore, but he can’t move out

What is Where I Live?

  • My mom checked on me last night to make sure I felt safe

  • My dad made me my favorite breakfast before he went to work

  • My sister gave me a big hug and I felt warm

What is Loved?

  • I took a warm bath

  • I asked my mom to style my hair the way I like

  • I went for a long walk

  • I played with my favorite stuffed animals

  • I watched an episode of my favorite T.V. show

  • I re-read my favorite book

What is Relaxing?

  • My mom is spending more time outside the house

  • My dad is having other women over while my mom is home

  • My mom hangs out with someone else more than she hangs out with my other parent and I

What is Dating?

  • My mom doesn’t pack my lunch in the morning anymore because she lives farther from work now

  • I have to do my own laundry when I stay with my dad

  • I have to spend every other week at a new house

  • I have to wake up an hour earlier to get to my new school

What are Family Routines?

  • I heard a door slam and my heart started racing

  • My dad started yelling and I wanted to run away

  • I was watching a movie and a monster made me jump out of my seat

What is Scared?

  • My mom loves me even if I make her mad every day

  • My dad loves me even if I mess everything up

  • My mom loves me no matter how many times I get in trouble at school

  • My mom loves me forever, no matter what happens

  • My dad loves me in his own way, no matter what he says

What is Unconditional Love?

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