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Practice Questions/Sea creatures to avoid at the beach.
Grandpa didn't know that Suzie was coming along on the fishing trip, and now he had to ALTER his plans.

What does the word alter mean?



Tells how two or more things are alike and different

Compare and Contrast


What is the formula for making an inference?

Evidence + Background knowledge = inference


What is main idea?

What the passage is mostly about


3. According to information in the passage, what is the purpose of soaking a sea urchin wound in hot water?

A. The hot water will lessen the pain.


Everyone else at the party wanted supreme pizza but Tim because he DETESTED vegetables. 

What is the meaning of Detested?




Provides information about a topic in detail



Shawn sat in his seat as the morning bell rang and released a big yawn. He rubbed his eyes and could feel how baggy they were. He stretched as the teacher went to the front of the class and began talking, "Good morning, students! I'll take attendance while you start working on that test that I promised you." The class let out a collective groan, but Shawn's eyes widened. He began rummaging through his backpack and pulled out a crumpled notebook with part of the cover torn off it. He frantically rifled through the pages, many of which were filled with just a few words or doodles. The teacher looked directly at Shawn as he said, "OK, class, put your notes away and clear off your desks. It's test time." Shawn began looking around the room frantically. He saw Cassie sitting next to him. Shawn whispered, "Psst... Cassie." She turned to him with a scowl. His eyes pleaded with hers. "Not gonna happen, Shawn," Cassie said loudly. This startled Shawn and he jumped in his seat. The teacher looked at Shawn again, "No more talking class."

Was Shawn up late studying for the test? How do you know?

Why does Shawn liven up when the teacher announces the test?

No, Shawn was not up studying because he seemed suprised when the teacher announced a test.

Shawn livened up to try to prepare for the test.


What is an inference

A reasonable guess based on evidence and background knowledge.


2.The following question has two parts. First, answer Part A. Then answer Part B

Part A. Which sentence states the main idea of paragraph 11?

Part B. Which sentence from paragraph 11 supports the answer to Part B?

C. Reduce your chances of getting a shark bite by making careful choices.

B. “You can decrease your risk by taking a few precautions.” 


Joanne's mother came up to the school to get the cell phone the teacher had confiscated. 

What is the meaning of the word confiscated?

to take away


A problem is described and a response or solution is suggested

Problem and solution


Otto stuffed another candy bar in his mouth. He lay sprawled on the floor with his back against his bed. Candy wrappers surrounded him. His shirt was caught in the folds of his belly and he had melted chocolate all over his face and hands. "Ugh…" he groaned weakly as he struggled to finish chewing. Suddenly, the front door opened. "Otto, I'm home!" It was his mom. Otto rolled almost gracefully from his sprawled position and began kicking the candy wrappers under his bed. As she walked slowly up the stairs to his room, he managed to get all of the wrappers under the bed and then he threw a blanket over them. She opened the door, took one look at his face, and knew.

Why does Otto act guiltily when his mom comes home? How do you know?

How does Otto's mom know what he was doing? How do you know?

Otto is violating a rule because he tries to hide the evidence.

Otto's mom sees chocolate on his face, because he hid the wrappers but did not clean his face.


What is author's purpose?

the author's main reason for writing the text.


7. This question refers to Sea Creatures to Avoid at the Beach. Look at the picture under paragraph 10.

Choose two phrases from paragraph 10 that the image helps you to better understand.

“lie on the bottom of the ocean”

“cover themselves with sand”


Since it was a school day, Denise thought it was PECULIAR that she saw no children on the street during her drive to work.

What is the meaning of the word peculiar?

Strange; weird


Information is organized in the order that it happened.

Chronological order


This question refers to Sea Creatures to Avoid at the Beach.

Which phrase from paragraph 2 supports the inference that some parts of a jellyfish are more dangerous than other parts?

“stinging cells”


What does structure refer to?

How the text is organized. 


This question refers to Sea Creatures to Avoid at the Beach.

8.Read the sentence from paragraph 5.

Stepping on one of these creatures will ruin your day!

Which phrase from paragraph 5 gives evidence to support this statement?

“They inflict a painful wound if a spine breaks through human skin.”


4. Match each word on the left its correct definition in context on the right.






This question refers to Sea Creatures to Avoid at the Beach.

Choose the word for each blank to correctly complete the sentence about the structure of the passage.

In paragraph 8, the author presents information by using ______, while in paragraph 9, the author uses _________.

Description; sequence


This question refers to Sea Creatures to Avoid at the Beach. Read the sentence about stingrays from paragraph 10.
They are known to lie on the bottom of the ocean and cover themselves with sand.
What can the reader infer from this sentence?

Stingrays are often hidden from swimmers.


What is point of view?

Thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about a topic


9.Identify each symptom of a sea creature sting as mild or severe. 

chest pains

difficulty breathing




Burning- mild

Chest pains- severe

difficulty breathing- severe

itching- mild

redness- mild

weakness- severe