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In the early days of the Easter Bunny, children in Germany would leave out this orange vegetable for him, in the same way that kids nowadays leave out milk and cookies for Santa!

What is a carrot?


This soft marshmallow candy is covered in colored sugar, and is shaped like a baby chicken.

What are Peeps?


This popular Easter tradition involves looking for Easter eggs.

What is an Easter egg hunt?


Easter is the oldest among all Christian Holidays.

True or False?


In Orthodox and Eastern Catholic churches, Easter eggs are dyed this color to represent the blood that Jesus Christ shed on the cross.

What is red?


The famous Easter Bunny originally wasn’t a bunny at all! He was in fact called the Easter... this word, something that is also found at the top of your head.

What is hare?


Around 70% of Easter candy bought is 

A. Jelly beans

B. Chocolate 

C. Peeps

What is B.-Chocolate?


On Easter, Christians celebrate the _____________ of Jesus Christ.

What is Resurrection?


Back in medieval times, people celebrated Easter in Church by having the priest throw a hard-boiled egg to a choir boy, who would then catch it and toss it to another choir boy, and this continued until the clock struck ___, and once it did, whoever held the egg at the time it struck was announced the winner, and even got to keep the egg!

What is 12?


The tradition of giving each other eggs at Easter time can be traced all the way back to Egyptians, Persians, Gauls, Greeks, and Romans, who saw the egg as a symbol of this.

What is life?


The legend of the Easter Bunny originated in this country, where he is referred to as ‘Osterhase’.

What is Germany?


Nowadays it takes a mere 6 minutes to make one Peep, but back in 1953, that was not the case, and it took a whopping ___ hours to make just one Peep!

What is 27?


The original reason why people wore fancy clothes for Easter was due to the fact that they thought doing so would bring _____ _____ for the rest of the year.

What is good luck?


The first recorded use of Easter eggs was in this century.

What is the 13th century?


The tradition of painting Easter gags originated in this country located in Eastern Europe.

What is Ukraine?


According to legend, the Easter Bunny lives on this remote island located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean.

What is Easter Island?


A surprising ___% of people eat the ears of chocolate bunnies first, taking the majority percentage.

What is 59?

In the early days of the Easter Bunny, children in Germany made _____ for him to place his colored eggs in for them.

What are nests?


The first recorded celebration of Easter was all the way back in this century.

What is the 2nd century?


During late 19th century Russia, this man began creating incredibly valuable jewel-encrusted eggs of which members of high society would give each other as Easter eggs.

Who is Peter Carl Fabergé?


In Sweden during the 19th century, there was a mix-up in translation when Germans tried to bring over the custom of the Easter Bunny, and he was instead thought by the Swedish to be an Easter ________.

What is Wizard?


About this amount of chocolate bunnies are made each year in Germany, but almost half are sold abroad.

What is 86 million?


The tradition of decorating eggs may go all the way back to the ancient pagans, who are said to have given them to friends and family as gifts in celebration of both Spring and new ______.

What is growth?


The origin of the name “Easter” came from the name of this Christian goddess, who was celebrated at the beginning of Spring.

Who is Eostre?


One of the world’s largest chocolate Easter eggs, which measured 8.3 meters high and took 26 craftsmen and 525 hours to build was made by this Belgian chocolate producer in 2005.

What is Guyilan?

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