gemoro 8th grade
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mishnayos 7th grade

what are the two sources for the din of eider zomimim specifically being when the AIDIM being proven wrong?

1. aid sheker-until aid itself is proven wrong

2.lanos bo Sarah- the extra word bo-the aidim themselves 


Translate this words





חבית- barrow 

כד- jug

קורה- pillar

נסדקה- cracked


What did the shulchan aruch mention about רבי עקיבא?

he took a chicken with him when he traveled to wake him up


If someone wants to build a wall in a בקעה, do we make his partner pay for the wall?



what do u say to a girl on night of rosh hashana

tikasaivi visaichasimi


what is the machlokes about establishing another wife for the Kohen gadol with the reasonings

we set one up- he needs to say biad baiso

we don't- cuz it can go on forever

what is the machlokes of rashi and tosfos why the man is not deserving to be killed?

rashi- cuz he can admit and be potur

tosfos- 3 big steps didn't happen yet

1. aidim didn't come

2. who said their testimony will be good

3.there wasn't gmar din yet


If someone says that he want to buy a barrow, when can I give him a jug and when can’t I?

in a place where everyone calls it the right way, the seller has to give exactly what the buyer asked, but in a case where there is a manority that does not call it the right way he can give which ever one he wants


A person that knows that he should be חייב to bring a קרבנו what should he do nowadays that we can’t bring קרבנות

should say קרבנות the part that speaks about that קרבנו


Someone that just moved into a city, when does he have to participate in the cost of building a wall and when does he not have to?

only after 12 months, unless he bought a house for himself


name 7 halachos connected to the meal on the night of rosh hashana.

well tell u 


what was the jobs of the ziknei beis din and the ziknei kehuna?

ziknei beis din- make sure he knows the stuff he's supposed to do on YK

ziknei kehuna- make him swear he's not going to do ketores like the tzedukim.


in the case of the flying camel who gets killed?

and a proof for one of the opinions

ritva- the aidim because by diney nefashos we go by rov

tosfos shantz-nobody, there is chshash it takeh is a very fast camel

diuk- cuz it docent say vineragim al piyem


If someone puts a barrow on reshus harabim, someone else trips on it and brakes it.

Is he חייב to pay for the broken barrow?

And is the owner חייב for the damage?

he does not have to pay for the broken barrow, but the owner has to pay for the damage caused


A person that wakes up for תיקון חצות what TEHILIM should he say

על נהרות בבל


What is, גויל, גזית, כפיסין, לבנים?

And how many טפחים do I have to give to each one when building a wall

גויל- uncut stones- 3 tfachim

  2 and half tfachim גזית- cut stones

כפיסין 2 - small bricks tfachim

לבנים- big bricks one and a half 


when should u do a bris on rosh hashana(kitzur)

between kriah and shofar

on shakos before ashrei

if the mother has to be there, after shut


when did they clear the ashes from the mizbeach?

regular day- around rooster

yk- midnight

yom tov- end of first ashmnura(chelek of night)


translate ALL 12 of the following words:

kidekaimi.           pania          kas

lachush              tzafra          beria

Sara                  beidna        divei

tzofin                ohsi            katla

well tell u lol


Say 2 cases that the Mishnah starts with  כד and ends with חבית or the opposite?

1- someone broke his friends barrow/ jug with his pilar

2- someone that saved his friends jug/ barrow of honey with his own barrow


Complete this phrase “ a person who learns תורה during the night ______________ during the day”

a 'string' of chewed towards him during the day


Someone who owns land around his friends property from 3 sides, what is the דין if he makes a fence around the 3 sides, and how about 4

3 side we don't make him pay

4 sides we make him pay


name 5times the alter rebbe argues with the kitzur

well tell u


what were the four raffles and what does ben azai add about the second one.

(for the second one tell us 7 out of 13 stuff)

trumas hadeshen

well tell u


bringing aivarim from ramp to mizbeach


what is the machlokes of the rambam and tur?


rambam- gizeiras hakasuv 


A person who brakes a barrow on reshus harabim is פטור, what is the reason for that according to:



ר׳ יוחנן

רב- the street was full of barrows

שמואל- it was dark

ר׳ יוחנן- the barrow was placed in a corner


According to Halacha what is the proper way a person should take of his robe(clothing)?

cover himself with a blanket and take it off in a way that he should not have any part of his body uncovered ever


If the wall fell and one of them rebuilt it, when is there a חזקה that his partner paid, and when not?

if they rebuilt it it is חזקה that he payed, but if he leaned another wall next to it חזקה that he did not pay


what do I do if I forget hamelech hakadosh

well tell u 


who are the people mentioned for good

good- ben ktin- kiyor

munbaz the king- gold handles for keilim

Helena the queen- the chandelier on entrance to heichal

nikanor-the doors