Learning Theories
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ADDIE model
Learning & teaching strategies

In this learning theory, learners construct their own knowledge of what they already know-or think they know. 

What is constructivism?


This evaluation model examines the effectiveness of teaching and learning session through: participant reaction, whether or not learning took place, the presence of a behavior change and the final results of the training.

What is the Kirkpatrick's Model?


In this stage of the model, the learning needs are identified and examined. 

What is the analyze stage?


In this teaching and learning strategy, learners review an example of a relevant scenario and answer corresponding questions

What is a case study?


This person did a great job creating the jeopardy game

Who is Kim?


In this learning theory, the learner grows from exposure to realistic scenarios and an opportunity to make sense of these experiences

What is experiential learning


This evaluation model involves four sections: context, input, product and evaluation. 

What is the CIPP model?


In this stage of the model, you determine if your training was successful or not

What is evaluate?


Asking critical thinking questions and encouraging a focused dialogue is an example of this type of teaching & learning strategy

What is facilitating discussion?


There are 100 folds in this type of hat

What is chef's hat?


This learning theory sees learning as a natural part of people's desire to grow and develop

What is humanism?


This evaluation model includes categories such as "inputs" and "outputs" and is best suited to large scale projects. 

What is the Logic Model?


Facilitating in-person and virtual sessions are examples of this stage of the model

What is implementation?


In this teaching and learning strategy, learners independently review online content and lecture materials, and then teach one another key points. 

What is the flipped classroom?


This type of leader is an individual in a position of responsibility who is genuine, trustworthy, reliable and believable. 

What is an authentic leader?


This learning theory describes learning as a conditioned response

What is behaviorism? 


This evaluation tool is used to assess learning before and after a session. 

What is a pre/post test?


In this stage of the model, the structure and length of your project should be determined. 

What is the design stage?


In this teaching and learning strategy, learners review course concepts, experiment with ideas, participate in a relevant experience and then actively reflect. 

What is experiential learning?

These are the three values of VCH

What is:

We Care for Everyone

We are always learning

We strive for better results


This learning theory is associated with Dewey and Piaget

What is constructivist theory


This component of the logic model describes what is invested in a project

What are inputs?


Choosing teaching and learning strategies are a part of this or these stage(s) of the model

Design and/or develop


"Tell me more about that" is an example of this type of questioning

What is the socratic method?


This model describes the five domains of experience that activate strong threats and rewards in the brain

What is the SCARF model?

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