Verbal & Nonverbal Comm
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Communication Roadblocks
Positive Approach

The use of SPOKEN WORD to share information with each other is this type of communication

What is "verbal communication"


The practice of emotionally understanding and considering how the speaker must be feeling is an example of:

What is "empathy"


A serious unresolved disagreement or argument

What is "conflict"


The exchanging of information 

Promotes a healthy relationship and can also be important to safety 

What is (effective/healthy) "Communication"


90% of communication is this type of communication (facial expressions, tone of voice, etc)

What is nonverbal communication


The intentional and focused process of fully engaging with the speaker with undivided attention

What is "active listening"


Finding fault, judging, or lecturing a person or the character of a person

What is "criticism"


To recognize and affirm that a person's experiences, feelings, opinions are understandable (even when you don't necessarily agree)

What is "validation"


Communication consists of passing information from one person to another.  The "sender" and "receiver" of a conversation are also known as...

What is 'speaker and listener"


A question that starts with "why," "how," or "what." They require a full answer rather than a "yes" or "no" response

What is "an open ended question"

A "verbal attack" on a person's sense of self with an intent to insult or abuse (such as name calling, sarcasm, disrespect, swearing, verbal threats)

What is "contempt"


Attack this instead of attacking the person.

What is "the problem"


When you observe a person based on nonverbal cues such as posture, folded arms, fidgeting, lack of eye contact..." You are noticing this about them...

What is body language


When the listener repeats back to the speaker what you think is being said

What is "reflecting"


Victimizing yourself to ward off a perceived verbal attack and reverse the blame

What is "defensiveness"

(ie: "gaslighting" is a form of defensiveness)


A type of "statement' that focuses on the feelings or beliefs of the person speaking rather than attacking thoughts, beliefs and characteristics of the listener

What is an "I statement"


An acronym used to identify when someone is interested in what you have to say... such as "Squarely face, Open posture, etc.  

What is SOLER


to make something more clear or easier to understand by asking for more detail or a simpler explanation

What is a "clarifying question"

("to clarify")


Withdrawing to avoid conflict and convey disapproval, distance, separation

What is "stonewalling"


When a person takes responsibility for his/her own actions 

What is "accountability"

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