Embers uses a motorcycle to beat her father's best delivery time. Later, Ember uses an air balloon to locate the water leak in the Firetown canals.

What is Navigational capital?


Ember was taught to speak in Firish and English because of her father's desire to never forget what it means to be a fire element. 

What is Linguistic capital?


Bernie gives his daughter, Ember, a ceremonial bow. The bow signifies his support and his HOPE that his daughter will go on and do well at her glassmaking internship.

What is Aspirational capital?


Ember's father retires at the end of the film due to the help from his friends who run the Fireplace for him.

What is Social capital?


Wade's family lives in a luxury high-rise building in the middle of Element City. In contrast, Ember lives above a convenience store in in the more rundown part of the city. 

Wade's family has more ___ compared to Ember's family. 

What is wealth?


Bernie and Cinder instill in their daughter, Ember, the value of the Blue Flame which represents Fire element traditions and cultural intuition. 

What is Familial capital?


Despite Wade's citations & Gale's warning that the Fireplace will need to be shut down if the leak is fixed, Ember continues to plead her case until she finds and fixes the source of the leak. Her actions cause Gale to forgive the Fireplace's city violations. 

What is Resistant capital?


Ember's family runs a modestly successful convenience store, the Fireplace. However, the Fireplace does make enough ___ for Ember's father to retire without worrying about how to continue providing for the family's livelihood. 

What is income?