"Seventh Grade"
"The Lady or the Tiger?" /"Charles"
"The Open Window"
"The Landlady"
"Lamb to the Slaughter"

The SETTING of the story

A middle school in Fresno, California


The crime the young man was thrown in prison for

Falling in love with the king's daughter


The reason why Mr. Nuttel is visiting Vera & Mrs. Sappleton

Because he is dealing with mental issues and his sister sent him to visit some people she knew, hoping this will calm his nerves.

The reason Billy thinks the Landlady is harmless

She is very kind and welcoming


How Mary feels about her husband at the beginning of the story

She loves him dearly


The reason why Victor wants to take French class

Teresa is also taking the class.

 * He also wants to travel to France, where the weather is cooloer

The cliffhanger of the story

The audience is left to answer the question, "Which came out of the opened door"


The reason, according to Vera, for the window being left open

Because Mrs. Sappleton thinks her husband and brothers will return home one day.


The major CONFLICT(s) of the story

1. Billy is looking for a place to stay.

2. Bill realizes something about the 2 names in the guest book, but when he starts to mention this, he is interrupted by the Landlady.

3. The Landlady is looking for another victim.

4. Billy realizes he's been poisoned but he is doomed.


The IRONY in Patrick's profession/job

He was a police officer/detective.  These people are responsible for investigating deaths or incidents involving crime.




1. He is trying to impress Teresa to know French.

2. He is frustrated that he likes about knowing French, when in fact he doesn't.


What the princess knew about the lady behind one of the doors

The lady was one of the fairest and loveliest of the damsels of the court who had been selected as the reward for the accused youth.


The cause for Mr. Nuttle's quick departure from the house

He sees the men and dog approaching the house, which freaks him out since he was told they have not been seen in several years.


An example of FORESHADOWING in the story

1. The Landlady opening the door very quickly

2. The Landlady looking at Billy up and down and smiling at him

3. The Landlady reminding him to drink his tea multiple times

4. The Landlady cutting Billy off when he starts to talk about the names in the guest list

5. Billy finding out the pets were stuffed and not real


The reason why Mary was laughing at the end of the story

She was watching while the detectives at the evidence.


The POINT OF VIEW of the story

Third Person


One thing Laurie did wrong on the first day he came home for lunch.

1. Slammed the door when he came home

2. Was disrespectful to his father

3. Spilled his sister's milk


Vera's explantion for Mr. Nuttle's quick departure

She tells another story or lie.  She said he was afraid of dogs because of a terrifying experience in a cemetery.


An example of IRONY in the story

1. When the Landlady shows Bill his bed and says "It is all ready for you."

2. The Landlady is super sweet and Billy would have never thought she would poison him.

3. Billy thinks the pets are alive, but later finds out they are dead/stuffed.


The reason the title of the story "The Lamb to the Slaughter"

1. Billy was being "led to his death" by his wife, due to his cheating

2. Billy was killed by a leg of lamb


The CLIMAX of this story

When Victor attempts to speak French in class


The significance of the teacher's statement, "We don't have any Charles in the kindergarten."

Laurie is Charles.  Charles is Laurie's alter ego.



The reason why Vera's "practical joke" seems at first to be clever and amusing, but in the end, is rather cruel

Because considering Mr. Nuttel's nervous/mental condition, Vera could be considered mean for disregarding his health issues.


The name of the hotel Bill was told to stay at

The Bell and Dragon


The following statement is LITERAL or FIGURATIVE & why:

"The weapon is probably right under our noses."

Literal - the murder weapon was literally right under their noses (or in their bellies!)

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