Emily's Animals
Horse Girl
Dolly Parton
The Office
Harry Potter
Final Jeopardy

Little Cat's actual name.

What is Honeymoon?


The only sporting event Emily cares about.

Kentucky Derby


Dolly opened this park located in Pigeon Forge in 1986.

What is Dollywood?


The famous star lead who played Michael Scott.

Who is Steve Carrell?


Has a lightning scar on his forehead and is often referred to as "the boy who lived".

Whois Harry Potter?


Andrew mistakingly allowed Emily to buy this animal so she had something to show at a kindergarten show and tell.

Who is Akbar the Chameleon? 


The "tribe" Emily was the leader of at Winshpae that dealt exclusively with the horses.

Who are the Hopis?


She is Dolly's famous goddaughter.

Who is Miley Cyrus.


The name of the city or the fictional company The office is set in.

What is Scranton or Dunder Mifflin?


Where Harry Potter and his friends went to school.

What is Hogwarts?


Name 3 breeds of Emily's pet dogs throughout her life. 

Brady - Unkown/All of the above

Casey - Goldendoodle

Gandy - Great Pyrenees

Ernie - Rhodesian Ridgeback

I think at some point she owned a wolf cub?


Emily considers this horse to be the best of the racing horses.

Who is Secretariat?

(She also debated Man O' War and Seabiscuit but heavily emphasized American Pharoh is a sham)


Dolly's most listened-to song.

What is Jolene?


Michael and Jim sang this famous Dolly Parton duet at Jim's after-work party. 

What is Islands in the Stream?


Ron Weasley is afraid of these. 

(Hint: it's a common fear) 

What are spiders?


Emily named the triplet guinea pig babies after this show's famous triplet-starring characters.

What is This Is Us?


The name of one of Emily's two horses she owned (also one of her favorite culinary herbs/food/medicines)

Who is Ginger?


Name the year of release or name of Dolly's first full-length album.

1967, Hello, I'm Dolly


The name of the cat that Dwight euthanized and Angela broke up with him over.

Who is Sprinkles?


She was Harry Potter's first crush.

Who is Cho Chang?


If Emily could have any pet in the world, ignoring laws, money, and common sense, what would it be besides a horse?

(Hint: they peaked in the 90s for their ability to put on a good show)

What is a killer whale?


The actual title of Emily's undergraduate degree

Animal Science with a Focus on Equine Studies... I think (correct me if I'm wrong Emily)


The number of Grammys Dolly Parton has won.

What is 12?


Emily refuses to watch these two episodes of The Office because of Michael's over-the-top antics. (you don't have to get the title, maybe just think of what Michael did in them that makes her not want to watch it)

Scott's Tots & Prince Family Paper


Either the year the first movie was released, or the year the first book was released.

2001 or 1997


What is Middle Tennessee State University's slogan?

A) I Am True Blue

B) Go Blue Raiders

C) Volunteer State's Finest

D) The Mountain Pathway

I Am True Blue

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