Emotion - which is true?
Body reactions
Anxiety true/false
Range of Emotions
Emotion Myth or Fact?

Emotions give us information VS Emotions are pointless reactions 

Emotions give us information!


Which emotions can cause your heart to beat fast?

Excited, scared, mad


If I feel anxious, it must mean that something bad is about to happen



Think of words that mean:

A little happy (1 out of 10)

Somewhat happy (5 out of 10)

Very happy (10 out of 10)

1: pleased, calm, content, glad

5: cheerful, grateful, satisfied

10: joyful, excited, ecstatic


There is one right way to feel in any situation

False! People often react differently to the same situation


Emotions are expressed only on your face VS 

Emotions are expressed through your face, tone of voice, and body posture

Emotions are expressed through facial expressions, tone of voice, and body posture!


Which emotions can cause you to cry?

Sad, frustrated/disappointed, really happy


Anxiety is caused by your brain trying to protect you from danger



Think of words that mean:

A little sad (1 out of 10)

Somewhat sad (5 out of 10)

Very sad (10 out of 10)

1: disappointed, down, blue

2: gloomy, glum, depressed, hurt

3: heartbroken, devastated, despair


Even if I feel emotions, I can still be in control

True! Having emotions means you're a normal human being and we have ways to manage them


Emotions are something we choose to feel OR Emotions automatically occur to prepare us for action 

(ex. we choose to feel startled by a loud sound VS we automatically jump when we hear a loud sound)

Emotions automatically occur to prepare us for action!


Which emotions can give you a headache?

Stress/worry, fear, frustration


When our brain senses danger, it releases adrenaline to get our body ready to fight, flee, or freeze


Think of words that mean:

A little angry (1 out of 10)

Somewhat angry (5 out of 10)

Very angry (10 out of 10)

1: annoyed, resentful, offended

5: frustrated, irritable, exasperated

10: furious, enraged, fuming


Negative feelings are bad and destructive

False! They are natural and are sending you an important message


Emotions tell only us how we feel and/or Emotions communicate how we feel to others as well

Emotions communicate to others how we feel (through our facial expressions, tone of voice, and actions!)


Which emotions can make you want to get up and move around?

Excitement, nervousness, anger, boredom


Our "ancient" brain knows the difference between true danger (kidnapper) and stress (taking a test)



Think of words that mean:

A little afraid (1 out of 10)

Somewhat afraid (5 out of 10)

Very afraid (10 out of 10)

1: shy, nervous, worried

5: anxious, frightened, scared

10: terrified, horrified, panicked

If others don't approve of my feelings, I shouldn't feel the way I do

False! I have every right to feel how I feel, no matter what other people think


Emotions are facts VS Emotions aren't always true 

(example: I'm afraid, so there must be danger VS I'm afraid, but maybe I'm actually ok)

Emotions aren't always true!


Which emotions can make you feel sweaty?

Anger, fear, excitement

Anxiety can cause permanent damage to your body and brain



Think of words that mean:

A little restless (1 out of 10)

Somewhat restless (5 out of 10)

Very restless (10 out of 10)

1: fidgety, antsy

5: distracted, agitated

10: uneasy, unsettled, on edge


Letting people know that I feel bad isn't a weakness

 True - it's a healthy way to communicate and get help when you need it

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