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Empathy Skills for Learning
Emotion Management
Tie Breaker

Give an example of how you can show Empathy?

What is Listening


Taking others Perspective: How would it feel in your agency if we all really tried to understand one another's perspectives?

We'd get along better.  We would feel respected.  It would make a calmer environment.   


Managing Anxiety: What are some ways you know you are going through anxiety?  What are some steps you can use to calm down when you are anxious?

Stop-use your signal.  Name your feeling.  Calm down: breathe, count, use positive self-talk.


What are some things that make someone a friend? 

Things in common 



Shared experiences 


What is the first phase of the Post-Disposition Program?



Predicting Feelings: Why is it important to try to predict what you do or say might make other people feel?

You don't want to hurt other people's feelings.  It's respectful.  It's part of having and showing empathy.  You can get along better with others if you think about how your actions affect them.  You could avoid making a mistake.  


What could make it difficult to show compassion? Why is it important to be able to show compassion?

You might feel shy.  You might not know what to say or do.  You might feel embarrassed or awkward.  It's the right thing to do.  It makes people feel better.  It makes you feel good.


What could happen if you make assumptions without knowing all the details?

You might assume wrong.  When you assume wrong, someone might get hurt (physically and emotionally).  You might overreact.  Your strong emotions might get out of control.  


Name a song about friendship 

Thank you for being a friend - Golden Girls 

Living Single theme song

You've Got a Friend in me - Toy Story 

No New Friends - DJ Khalid 


What are some of the privileges in the Post-Disposition Program?

Home passes, outings, MP3 Players (ordered :) )


What is the difference between being Aggressive and being Assertive?

Being Assertive means saying what you want or you need in a calm but firm voice.  Being Aggressive means saying things by yelling, using mean words, intimidating, etc.


What are some ways to be respectful and still disagree with someone?

Actively listen.  Be assertive.  Use a calm voice.  Listen to what the other person has to say.  Say your own perspective assertively and respectfully.


Why is it important to stay calm when you are reacting to a put-down?

So you can respond assertively, rather than aggressively.  So you can think clearly about what to do.


Can people have differences and still be friends?  How?

By accepting their differences and finding things in common.


Who is the superintendent of the detention center?

Who is Mr. Page?

What are some ways you can show others you are listening with attention?

Not interrupting the speaker, asking questions, repeating what the speaker said to show you understand.  


What is empathy? 

What is the ability to relate to how someone is feeling, to understand what they are going through


Why is getting revenge a poor solution to any problem?

Getting revenge can make the problem worse.  Trying to get revenge leads to more or bigger problems.


How do you think your friend would describe you? 

Fun, loyal, bossy, silly, controlling 


What is the name of the personal development course all Post-D residents must complete? 

What is Cell Dreamer?


Why is it important to show Empathy to others?

What is earning trust


How would you ask for help from another resident in an assertive way?

Can you help me understand the rules of detention and/or the Post-disposition Program?


Managing Frustration: What are some clues in your body that warn you that you are getting angry/frustrated?  

Name your clues....


How are you different and the same as other residents?

What's your answer?


What is the name of the group held on Thursdays?

Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)