Applying for Work

What is one way you can apply for work?


In person

Via a workplace website

via an employment website


What is the purpose of a resume?

To market yourself,

To get an interview,

To get a job


What are 2 things you can do to prepare for your interview?

practice your answers to the most common interview questions in your head, practice infront of a mirror, practice roleplaying with a family member/friends, research the company, think of questions to ask the interviewer, etc...


I just got hired! My employer asked for 3 references. Can I just put down 3 or should I ask them for permission?

Always let your refences know you'll be giving their contact information so they know to expect a call/email.


What is the page before your Resume

Cover Letter


How long should your objective be?

1 sentence or 2 short sentences at most.

Keep it short and simple 


At the end of my interview the interviewer asks me if I have any questions for them, what do I say? Should I say I have no questions?

It's important to always ask a question, it shows that you are interested. Stating that you have no questions can make you seem uninterested.


When should I call in sick for my shift?

As soon as possible, you want to give your employeer enough time to find someone to cover. If you feel sick the night before, you should let your boss know the night before. 

Calling in 5 or 10 minutes before your scehduled shift is unnacceptable. 


If you were looking to apply at a restaurant, what time of day would be a bad time to apply in-person?

Lunch rush or dinner rush


I have a lot of information I want to add to my resume. Is it okay if my resume is 4 pages long?

No, one or two pages at most is appropriate for a resume.


What are 3 interview questions you may be asked during an interview?

Can you tell me about yourself? 

What are your strengths/weaknesses?

Why are interested in this company/ working here?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

What do you know about this organziation/company?

ETC... There are many answers, decide as a group if answers were correct. 


What are three skills you need to be a good cashier?

Friendly and positive attitude, basic math skills, good communication skills, attention to detail, product knowledge, etc... there are many useful skills for this job, decide as a group if answer was correct


True or False, when you drop off your resume, it doesn't really matter what you wear as it wont be the manager you are handing your resume to?

FALSE! Always make a good impressions.


Is this an appropriate email address for your resume? 

gamer-allday-all play-nowork@


Why or Why not?


Change your email to be professional :-)


What should I avoid talking about in an interview

About your personal life, religion, politics, bad experiences with previous bosses, using unprofessional language, etc...


If I wanted a job working in an office, what are three good skills to have?

attention to detail, strategic planning and scheduling skills, verbal and written communication skills, teamwork skills, experience using Microsoft Office, etc... there are many useful skills.


If you have applied by emailing your resume and not heard anything yet, how could you follow up?

Go in person and hand in another resume

Call to check they have received it

Send an email to follow up


Who's one person I could use a reference and one person I shouldn't use as a reference.

Can use: Teacher, mentor, previous boss/supervisor, volunteering manager/supervisor, coworkers, coach, etc.

Shouldn't use: Parents, siblings, friends, roomates, relatives (unless otherwise stated), anyone who's not expecting a call, a previous boss you didn't get along with, etc. 


What can you talk about if you do not have much work experience in an interview?

Volunteering/ school clubs/ experience at home or neighborhood/ skills/ interests/ group projects


When you get your first job, what's a new responsibility you now have? (hint: it's occurs once a year)

TAXES! Tax season is in April, your employer sends you your T4 (a document used to fill out tax forms) in Feburary.