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An example of a small-scale and large-scale green infrastructure project

Great example!!


Low-lying sediment by a river, floods during storm events

What is floodplains?


True or False: Federal Agencies, such as the EPA and FEMA, provide grants and funding for green infrastructure.

What is true?


Land-constrained governments tend to prevent residents from participating in...

Buyout programs 

(specifically floodplain property buyout programs)


Besides stormwater management, what can green infrastructure support?

Good answer!!


The reason the LA River became more channelized and industrialized

What is to move water to the oceans as quickly as possible during large storms (started in the year 1938)


The reason cities tend to avoid coordinating land usage and accurately redistributing taxes

What is the separation of jurisdictions (regionalism)?


The term associated with international development settings, conservation, human livelihoods, and/or community-based development?

What is nature-based solutions (NBS)?


How can green infrastructure advance both social justice and regional impact?

Amazing response!


Two ecological benefits of intact river floodplains/ riparian zones mentioned in Tuesday's lecture 

What is pest control, corridor of wildlife/habitat, carbon storage, micro-climate/temperature control, reducing chemical run-off, soil infiltration, and groundwater recharge?


Name one way through which EBA and NBS can help GI-FRR

What is urban agriculture, community development, or poverty reduction 

(break down spatial/class divisions, enhance livelihood through learning and empowerment, promote economic and workforce stability)


True or false: Market internalization of climate risks devalues coastal real estate but also simultaneously devalorizes inland/upland lower-income communities

What is false?

(Market internalization of climate risks devalues coastal real estate and valorizes inland/upland lower-income communities...but replaces them with whiter/wealthier classes)


What are the roles of urban agriculture and community development in making GI more equitable? 

Good answer! :)


The findings of the urban vacant lands study found that...

What is urban vacant lands can benefit and regenerate aquifers through soil compaction, well-vegetated land cover, and low slopes?


Can federal or state funding help local governments with land usage and tax allocation?

In theory, yes, but there isn't sufficient evidence yet


Mobilization for environmental justice has involved not only opposition to siting polluting facilities in frontline neighborhoods, but also the use of....

(Hint: Example included to be central to community building, poverty alleviation, and food security)

What is community gardens?

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