Coping Strategies
Sleep Hygiene

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is when we put our focus on the present moment. Not worrying about things that happened in the past or the future.


What is a relationship?

A connection that you have with people. 


What is a coping strategy?

A way to help us deal with stress, problems or strong emotions.


How many hours of sleep should you get each night?

8-10 hours


What was the mindful breathing activity that we did together?

Star Breathing


What is a boundary?

Boundaries are limits. Setting boundaries is the way we communicate what is OK and not OK in relationships


Why do you think it is important to use coping strategies when we are trying to deal with stressful situations?

Managing your stress well can help your body and brain feel better. Which can help us live our best and healthiest lives.


What happens to us when we have an unhealthy sleep schedule?

- Hard time focusing

- Memory issues

- Mood swings

- Impact on school and sports


What do you focus on when you are practicing mindful breathing? 

Just your breath. Nothing else. 


Name 3 relationships that you have in your life.

- Family

- Partner

- Friends

- Teammates/Coaches

- Teachers


What are some examples of a healthy coping strategy?

- Go for a walk

- Dance

- Take a bath

- Hug your pet


What is name of the tracking sheet we started using to help us know how much sleep we are getting?

Sleep Diary

Where can you practice mindfulness?

ANYWHERE! At home, at school, on the bus, or at a sporting event.


What is the difference between a healthy relationship and an unhealthy relationship?

- Respecting your partner vs not respecting your partner 

- Being able to talk to your partner vs not being able to talk to your partner

- Being able to trust your partner


What are some examples of an unhealthy coping strategy? 

  • Drug or Alcohol Use

  • Overeating

  • Sleeping too much or too little

  • Social withdrawal

  • Aggression

  • Self-harm


What are some things that can make it hard for us to fall asleep?

- Phones (tik tok)

- Noise

- Too hot/too cold

- Not dark enough


Why is the Chill room important to have at school?

It gives students a safe space to relax and calm down when they are feeling stressed, anxious or angry.


Your friend keeps joking around and pushing you. It is starting to make you feel uncomfortable. What is something you could say to your friend to help set the boundary?

- "Please don't do that" 

- "I'm not comfortable with this"


Why do you think we should have multiple coping strategies that help us?

This is important because sometimes we find a strategy that helps us but we can’t always use it. For example, taking a walk--works at home but not always at school.


Where can you find guided meditations to help you fall asleep?

YouTube, Headspace, Calm App

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