Social Skills
Hygiene/social skills
Health/social skills
Safety/social skills
True or False: If I really need something, it's okay to show up at my friend's house without calling first.
What is False. You should always call before showing up at someone's house, in case they are busy or sleeping.

What was the Columbian Exchange?

Was a widespread trade of animals, plants, humans, and disease

I just burped or tooted in the middle of a silent room. I should do this.
What is say excuse me!
TRUE or FALSE It is okay to drink pepsi with every meal, as long as I don't eat as much that day.
What is FALSE. You should limit your soda intake and drink more water!!

True or False I really like going to the park bymyself. I notice a stranger following me. What should I do?

I should immedialtly run to the nearest adult to let them know. I can use my phone to call 911.


When I arrive in class, I should have what?

I should be prepared, have all my materials ready


Who was Christopher Columbus? 

Was an explorer, discovered the Americas

Before cooking, after using the bathroom, or after touching anything dirty I should do this.
What is wash my hands with soap.

I like hanging out with my friends after school. One of my friends wants to go to Target to steal some candy. What should I do?

What is kindly let them know you are uncomfortable and therfore not going to go. You can let their parents know to avoid them from going to jail.


True or False When someone does not quickly respond to my hand being raised, I should repeatedly call on them or waive my hand side to side to get the teachers attention.

What is False. They may be busy, and repeatedly calling/waiving my hand would be annoying and frustrating to others.


What is Speed?

How fast an object is moving


True or False. If I dont brush my teeth daily my teeth will rot and fall off.

What is True. You should ALWAYS brush!!!


True or false I can NOT stop thinking about my new dog. I should tell everybody about it every time I think about it.

What is False. It is great that you are excited! You can think about it all the time if you want to! But, it might be annoying to your friends if you repeat the same thing over and over.


All my friends are at a party smoking cigarettes and drinking beer. I don't like the taste of cigarettes or beer but I am really cool and I want my friends to know I am cool. I should:

A. take a picture with the beer or cigarette

B. drink the beer or smoke the cigarette with my friends a leader and leave the party.

D. take a selfie whilst sticking up my middle finger.

What is C.

If someone is different from me, and does things that appear strange like rocking back and forth or talks to himself, this is how I should react.
What is be friendly. Everyone is different, and that is okay.

What were the Aztecs known for



Not taking a shower everyday can make me stinky and everyone will be able to smell me.

What is True. You should shower everyday.

This is how many meals I should eat each day.
What is 3. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Small, healthy snacks in between are okay such as carrots or fruit.

I met this really nice person when I was by myself and they asked me to get in the car with them because they have a special surprise. I should

What is say "no thanks" and walk away immediately.

True or False I am hungry but I spent all of my money on a manicure. It would be rude for me to ask friends to buy my lunch every day until my next check comes.
What is True. Every now and then friends like to help you out, but if you are ALWAYS asking your friends to do something for you, they will grow tired of it.

What is a Force?

A push or pull

My breath is starting to stink. I can feel food stuck in my teeth. I should do this.
What is brush my teeth. (every day)
I should exercise A. Once a month B. 2-3 times a week C. 2-3 times a month D. Every hour
What is B.

I DON'T like what we are doing today in class! This is boring! I should react by doing this.

What is try it anyway, when I'm with my friends anything can be fun.

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