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When applying psychology, what concept/idea is based on the ideas of learned helplessness and works to help people find joy and happiness in their life.

Positive psychology 


A falsifiable prediction made by a theory is known as what?

A hypothesis


What in the brain is known as the relay center for all senses (except olfaction) and has two way communication 



provide an example of an extrinsic reward 

anything that is a reward being offered by an outside individual 


What does this scenario describe in relation to learning 

a person notices a constant beep in the hallway of their apartment while they are trying to do school. As time continues, the beep becomes less noticeable to the individual and they are able to focus on their school



What subfield of psychology is this?

An fMRI reveals that a persons frontal lobe increases in activity when they are asked to pick between a having a pickle or having a piece of cheese

Biological- neuroscience perspective 


list the three types of research methods used in psychology 

descriptive research 

correlational research 

experimental research 


the primary motor cortex is located in which lobe of the brain

frontal lobe


In the reflex arc associated with pain, what portion of the central nervous system houses the interneurons that connect the sensory and motor neurons 

spinal cord 


which associative type of learning is known as being a passive form of learning 

classical conditioning 

this is because there is an association made between a reflex and a stimulus 


When looking at functionalism, Freuds clinical approach, and structuralism, what order were these different approaches to psychology introduced?



Clinical approach 


What problem in psychological research does this situation describe?

I am researching the correlation between smoking and lung cancer but am having trouble determining if smoking causes lung cancer or if a genetic predisposition to lung cancer causes someone to smoke

direction of causation problem 


What cortex in the brain helps to produce a meaningful experience of the world by integrating information coming in from the senses

Association cortex


what protein is released from the intestinal tract in glucostatic regulation of eating, signaling to the hypothalamus that an individual is full

CCK (cholecystokinin) 


what type of punishment is this an example of

Your roommate decides to leave their clothes all over the floor. Because of this, you decide to add an item of your own dirty laundry to their bed for each item left on the floor in hopes they will stop putting their dirty laundry on the floor

 positive punishment 


What type of bias does this scenario represent? 

I am researching why left handed people (such as myself) are more creative than right handed people 

Confirmation Bias


I am looking into the third variable effect of correlational research to see if any factors could have skewed the results of my study

what type of validity am I assessing?

Internal validity 


provide an example of what might be released from a neuron via chemical transmission of signals and where those chemical signals would be received on an adjacent neuron  

types of neurotransmitters: Glutamate, GABA, norepinephrine, serotonin, acetylcholine 

bind to dendrites of post synaptic neuron 


when classifying emotions, what approach looks at emotions from a more physiological experience (arousal) and relates the arousal to being either positive or negative

Dimensional approach 


In the little Albert study, an unconditioned response such as fear was conditioned to be associated with the presence of white rats. What was the conditioned stimulus (CS) in this study?

CS was the presence of the white rat

in classical conditioning, you want your conditioned stimulus to cause your conditioned response


Psychological science is ___________.

This component of psychological science (how the field is organized) allows for increased credibility of study findings and the potential to overcome research biases by recognizing them

psychological science is summative


Provide an example of a p-value that would result in a researcher rejecting the null hypothesis

any value less than 0.05


Which autonomic nervous system is responsible for transporting neural signals related to glucostatic regulation in the hypothalamus of the brain

parasympathetic nervous system 


what happens to a rat if their ventromedial hypothalamus is severed 

the rat will excessively eat and gain weight


provide an example of positive reinforcement 

any situation where something is added to increase the chance that a behavior will occur. 

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