What object was Aaron to throw down before Pharaoh which would become a snake?

  1.  Aaron's robe
  2.  Moses' scrolls
  3.  Moses' rod
  4.  Aaron's staff

 Aaron's staff


Ex. 7:16 - The message to Pharaoh from God was, "Let my people go so that they may worship me..." where?

in the desert


Ex. 7:15 - God told Moses to wait by which river bank to speak with Pharaoh?



 Ex. 7:12 - What happened after Pharaoh's magicans threw their staffs down to become snakes?

  1.  blood came out of them
  2.  Aaron's staff swallowed up the magician's staffs
  3.  Pharaoh had a change of heart
  4.  the magician's staffs swallowed up Aaron's staff

2.  Aaron's staff swallowed up the magician's staffs


 Ex. 7:1 - What did the Lord make Moses like in the eyes of Pharaoh?

  1.  Aaron
  2.  One of Pharaoh's governors
  3.  God
  4.  a child

3. God
If we too unite with God, we will have the power and people see us as God.


Ex. 7:17 - Moses told Pharaoh that with the staff in his hand, he would strike the water of the Nile and the water would be changed into what...



Ex. 7:1 - What did the Lord make Aaron to Moses?

  1.  his brother
  2.  his prophet
  3.  a dear friend
  4.  a wise counselor
  •  his prophet

7:24 - Where did the Egyptians dig to get drinking water since they could not drink the water from the Nile river?

  1.  in their backyards
  2.  along the Nile river
  3.  in Cairo, Egypt at the Pyramids
  4.  in the rain-soaked bayous

3. along the Nile river


 Ex. 7:2 - What was Aaron to tell Pharaoh?

  1.  repent and serve the Lord
  2.  be a good king
  3.  promote Moses
  4.  let the Israelite's go out of his country

4. let the Israelite's go out of his country


7:18 - In addition to Nile being turned into blood, what other condition would be noticed about the Nile?

 it would stink


Why would God do all these miracles ?

God loves his people so much and is willing to fight for them to get them out of Egypt into a safer and happier place .


Miracles can be done by ....

1. only God
2. God and evilness through magic
3. only magic
4. Humans having super powers.

2. God and evilness through magic.
that's why we don't build our faith on miracles.

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