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A sweet drink that is made from a type of fruit that is often picked at an orchard in the Fall such as Wilson’s. It is then made into a drink and sold at stores such as HyVee and Walmart.

apple cider


Although some varieties are available year round, what fruit is freshest in the fall?



An activity in which you can specifically take these fruits right off of the trees they were grown on. Cloudcroft or Ruidoso is a place near by where you can do this

apple picking


This game is common among kids and is often referred to as “football” in other countries. Every 4 years every country has teams that play against each other to become the best team in the world for this sport.



A holiday celebrated the first Monday of September that recognizes the workers that support America’s economy.

Labor Day


Historically, what the Fall was called



Americans typically refer to this time of year as “fall,” while the British use the word to refer it



A fruit that is covered in a toffee like substance that hardens. It is often served on a stick and can be covered with M&M’s, peanuts, or sprinkles. 

caramel apples


A sticky version of sugar that is often a brown-ish orange color. Can be used on top of ice cream, fruits, inside candy bars, or eaten by itself.



An activity done when you rake up fallen leaves into piles and then jump in them.

playing in the leaves


This is often an activity done by adolescents and teens which requires running long distances. Kids who participate in this sport often also participate in Track and Field in the Spring.

cross country


What country did Halloween originate from? 



A type of dessert eaten around Thanksgiving that’s main ingredient is a type of nut. It is often made with sugar, syrup, molasses, or honey. Is also served in a crust.

pecan pie


A type of sweetener made from the sap of this kind of tree. The sugars are taken and caramelized to create this topping traditionally used for pancakes or oatmeal.

maple syrup


An activity in which a fruit is put in a bucket full of water and with your hands behind your back, you must put your head in the water and try to get the fruit out of the water using only your teeth before your opponent.

bobbing for apples


This is an event that marks the end of the season for major league teams that’s play games that require innings. “Fly the W” became a big term used by people from Chicago after this event in 2016.

the World Series


Which U.S. President changed the celebration of the Columbus Day national holiday from Oct. 12 to the 2nd Monday in October

Richard Nixon

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