Mental Health Disorders
Coping Skills
Positive Mental Health
What to do next
Name that Emotion

What is the most common mental health disorder in the world.



Name three ways to breathe deeply.


Count to ten

In and Out


True or False: medication is the only treatment method that works for mental health problems.

False: medication can be helpful, but therapy and counseling are also effective forms of overcoming mental illness.


What if you accidentally hurt someone else's feelings. What should you do next?

What is apologize or say you are sorry?


You see someone who is crying, who looks really down, and is not smiling at all. What feeling do you think they are experiencing?

What is sadness?


What is a disease that is triggered by a terrifying event?

PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


Why would a journal be good for coping

To write or draw your feelings


What are two things that can promote positive mental health?

Exercise, mindfulness, positive friendships, talking about your problems, having an outlet for anger and frustration, getting enough sleep, eating healthy...??


What if you see someone else being mean to a friend of yours? What can you do?

What is tell a grownup, tell the other person to please stop?


You see someone with a big smile on their face, who is laughing and appears to be having fun. How do you think they are feeling?

What is happy?


What mental health disease deal's with the brain



What are some exercises to cope

Take a walk or do jumping jacks


Name 3 things you can do to help a friend who thinks they may have a mental health problem.

Listen to them, spend time with them, encourage them to seek help, help them make appointments/go with them. If it is serious then tell someone else


What if you notice that someone is sad? What can you do to help?

What is talk to them, tell an adult?


You see someone who is falling asleep at their desk, and they have dark circles under their eyes and they continue to yawn. What feeling do you think they are experiencing?

What is tired?


What disability deals with excessive cleaning



What kind of music is good to listen to to cope

Calm and classical


What is important to remember when you become angry?

STOP and think before acting. 

Respond, don't react

Practice coping skills (deep breathing, counting, self-talk, etc.)

Walk away and remove yourself from the situation if needed


What if you notice that a classmate is getting mixed up, and mixing other friends too? Is there anything that you could to?

What is to stay seperate, tell an adult to help, Move your seat so that you can only look at your teacher. Talk, and draw about it!


You see someone who is shaking and their eyes are wide and they appear to have been startled by something. What do you think they are feeling?

What is scared/nervous?


What is the rarest mental disability

Clinical Lycanthropy

Who are good people to talk to

Parents, grandparents, teachers, pastors, and other trusted adults.


Describe the 5-4-3-2-1 Coping Strategy

A technique that asks you to find things you can see, smell, hear, touch, and taste (5 senses) to calm down when feeling anxious or distressed.


What if you see that someone is upset, is there anything that you can do to help?

What is be nice to them, compliment them, try and make them feel better?


You see someone with a bright red face, who is yelling and waving their arms around. How do you think they are feeling?

What is angry/mad?