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Don't Interrupt me

This HP concept is used to combat traps associated with Fast Thinking, decision making bias and error-prone situations

What are Interrupters (Hold Point and Triggers)


This SWP is designed to reduce the potential for chemical exposure and comply with laws and regulations

What is the Chemical hygiene plan


Work conditions in which there is greater chance for error or non-conformance when performing a specific action

What are Error Prone Situation


This type of Interrupter requires pre-planning to aid in real-time hazard recognition.

What is a Trigger


First produced in 1920, a group of chemists at the Standard Oil Company discovered this while studying by-products of petroleum

What is rubbing alcohol


Potential for error include fatigue and perception blindness

What is System 2 - "Slow" Thinking


This SWP provides safety information and practices for laboratory personnel to review and follow when working with various types of laboratory equipment or systems

What is the Lab Operational Safety Guidelines SWP


Imprecise Communication, Frustration, fatigue, bias, Overestimating Experience, Inaccurate Risk Perception

What are Individual Factors

(Unique mental, physical and emotional abilities)


The acronym HTTP stands for this

What is Hypertext Transfer Protocol


Confirmation, Attribution, Hindsight, Outcome, Salience

What are different types of biases


This SWP documents the process for internal collection of waste containers from Satellite Accumulation Areas to Central Accumulation Areas (i.e. waste storage units) at EMHC Lab and FTF

What is the EMHC / FTF Waste Storage Unit SWP


This stele led to the deciphering of the Egyptian hieroglyphics

What is the Rosetta Stone


Clothes, antifreeze, guitar strings, skateboards, cell phones and wind turbine blades, just to name a few. 

What are products made from oil and natural gas


WAME, Breaking Containment, Energy Isolation - LOTO, Lifting and Rigging 

What are Life Saving Actions


Lack of or unclear standards, Time Pressure, Information transfer challenges, Simultaneous / multiple tasks

What are Task Factors

(Existing job-site conditions that influence behavior)


This planet is so light it could float in water

What is Saturn


This chemical is known as the "King of Chemicals?"

What is Sulphuric Acid

200 bonus points if the chemical formula was called out first H2SO4


An action performed before critical tasks identified during the pre-job briefing, manipulating sensitive equipment controls, state/federal required calculations or prior to an unrecoverable step within a procedure, are all considered what? 

What A Hold Point 

(Used to determine if all necessary safeguards are in place before the unrecoverable step is executed)


Confusing displays or controls, workplace design, External distractions or interruptions, equipment design, Change from the routine, Production Overemphasis

What are Work Environment Factors

(Organizational and Environmental aspects) 


The world's most ancient forest is in this country

What is Australia (Daintree Rainforest)


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