Sister Location

Please let us get in!
Don't lock us away!
We're not like what you're thinking
We're poor little souls
Who have lost all control
And we're forced here to take that role
We've been all alone
Stuck in our little zone
Since 1987
Join us, be our friend
Or just be stuck and defend
After all you only got
Five nights at Freddy's

What is Five Nights at Freddy's 1 Song?


Justification is killing me
But killing isn't justified
What happened to my son? I'm terrified
It lingers in my mind
And the thought keeps on getting bigger
I'm sorry my sweet baby, I wish I've been there

What is It's Been So Long?


So here we are, my body inside this nightmare
Don't you stare for too long at my curse
It happened too fast
What happened in the past
Is something I would constantly rehearse
Yeah, I'm aggressive! Nightmare unleashed!
Feast your eyes on my magnetic
Demise beneath
All the tattered wires
Your futile demise
Will become your curse!

What is I am the Purple Guy?


The Chaddest FNAF Song.

Your heart is pounding and it can't be stopped
You tell yourself you're okay
It's too bad your doors can't be locked
To keep the monsters away

You check behind the door
There's nothing there no more
You should've stayed in bed
You've heard this noise before
You dart across the floor
Try not to lose your head

What is Never Be Alone?


Can't wait to meet you
So join the animatronic family
We open real soon
Try your best to hold onto sanity

Come get to know me
And you won't wanna leave after tonight
Down here, we're lonely

What is Join Us For a Bite


Hey kids it's nice to eetcha
Are you ready for some Fazbear pizza
Who's this working at the night shift
I don't know but, I don't think I like him
He's so cute, I can feel his heart racing
About time we had a brand new plaything
Another yellow belly balking like a chicken

What is Stay Calm?


We never had a chance
To tell you goodbye
You cannot escape
What you left behind
We never thought
we could end up this way

What is We Are Aware?

I, I've been waiting a long time
For someone to discover me
Why, you ask?
It's because I am getting
A little claustrophobic in here
I see how you get ideas
About how I really came to be
Well I guess I can see
How you think I am mean
Golden green
All machine
Cause it's me

What is Springtrap Finale?


And I know this is
I know this is the truth
'Cause I've been staring at my death so many times
These scary monsters roaming in the halls
I wish I could just block the doors
And stay in bed until the clock will chime

So my flashlight's on, and stay up 'til dawn
I got this headache and my life's on the line
I felt like I won, but I wasn't done
The nightmare repeats itself every time

What is I Got No Time?


I've been trying for so long
To sing you the right song
To show you something different every day
So you hear what I have to say
Like puzzle pieces
And now we're here at a standstill
I wonder if you feel
The kind of pain that rips your insides out

That's something I know all about
Shocking, ain't it?

What is I Can't Fix You?


A bear, a bunny, and a chicken and a fox in here
Is there only us to fear
‘Cause it doesn't seem so clear to you
We used to be allowed to roam in the daylight
Until someone took a bite
Now we're stored in Fazbear's Fright

What is Can You Survive?


Just an hour more

I'm closer than before

To making it out of this ghastly madhouse

I'm feeling desperate

I'm starting to regret

Taking my chances with no way out

Who's walking down the hall?

I can't keep track of them all

A music box plays my dying song

This is my one escape

The mask still on my face

But they have known I've been here all along

What is Mechanical Instinct?


We creep up when you cannot see
You'll see us when you cannot breathe
We're only in your head, and so
You need to fix the system

We've been here so long we forgot
What people looked like when they're caught
The Springtrap's here to rescue us
He'll find you in the darkness

What is We Are the Phantoms?


There is a legend
A legend born long ago
About a wicked
A wicked man no one knows
Went and unraveled
Six innocent little souls

The souls found bodies
The bodies started to move
Some say they still walk
Walk the halls staying from view
I got a secret
That I am here to tell you
That place is this very place
And all the stories are true

What is Bringing Us Home?


Hey friend, welcome back again
To a night in our circus, hall of fame
Such a shame you won't be around for long
So we might as well sing our song!

So basically you have another five alerting nights
No frights, no bites, but a visious site
We're controlled by an evil insanity
This profanity has now vanity!

What is Unfixable?


We are creations
We have a deal with the damned
And a sound desperation
We may never escape
This is the fate
Digging our graves
All before it's too late

What is We Want Out?


Hi kids! Do you like violence?
Want me to grab a spare bear suit and stuff you inside it?
Got an appetite? Grab a couple slices
Mom and dad lied when they told you I was lifeless

What's this, someone in the main office?
Hanging out after hours? How obnoxious
Watching us on his monitor, preposterous
Time to wake the others now we'll show him who the boss is

What is Five More Nights?


Your first night on the job
Not sure you wanna punch in
Because once you're on the clock
You know I'm up to something
I'm sure you heard disturbing rumors
How things in the night go bumpin'
30 years have passed and it's amazing
That I still continue to function

What is Another Five Nights?


Grab your only ammunition, your common sense and torch
The corridors are filled with fright, when something's on the porch
How long will you last through these memories of the past?
Since without a light to shine the only soul that's left is yours
Forced down to reckoning
Your dreams become the sickening
You thought you were alone
No they bite you to the bone, you shout!

What is Break My Mind?


Good, you got here just in time, you better hurry
It's our show, but you're the star destined for glory
Here performing death-defying acts that we can't wait to see
Body count high as the tight rope, will you make it?
Zero safety nets, the tension is electric
Tonight you're the one that jumps through hoops
We're going off the script

What is Circus of the Dead?

I can see you there, warmth and life why don't you share?
It's been many years stuck here living with our fears
Please do pardon me, I can't help it, can't you see?
In this misery, you can join our family

What is Welcome to Freddy's?


We're back, revamped
The madness never ends
We're not alone
This time, we brought some friends
No doors, no hope
But you keep coming back
But if this is what you want
Then you can be just like us

What is Mangled?


Second night, will we survive this demonized animatronic?
Come third night, I've lost my sight, reset the cameras, seal the air vent
Listen closely, hear him crawling in the air ducts, system reset!
Hallucinating, vision fading, they're watching me, anticipating

What is Run, Run?


Was it me who caused the bite?
Was it me who bled them dry?
Was it me who took the past
And reinvented all your cries?
Was it me who suffered more?
All the bloodstains on the floor?
Doesn't matter all the same
'Cause it was you who was to blame
Now follow me to your defeat!

What is Game Over?


Come down, visit the circus
Take a break from the surface
In our twisted factory
You are the spare part we need

Gears grind, spring locks are unwound
Bloody belt spinning 'round 'round
You don't know what we've been through
Awful fate we didn't choose

What is Nightmare By Design?