Wash your hands
is that cooked?
keep it seprate!
No bad Reactions
What just happened?

After washing your hands, what should you dry them on?

use a single use paper towel or hand dryer


foods that need time and temperature control for safety are called TCS foods. list 2 of these foods.

milk and dairy, poultry meat, pork, lamb, baked potatoes, tofu soy protein, sprouts eggs, fish and shellfish, cooked rice, beans, vegetables, sliced melon, cut tomatoes, untreated garlic and oil mixtures. 


when a food containing an allergen comes into contact with another food item and their proteins mix what is it called?

cross contact or contamination


Before preparing food for someone with a food allergy, how should you prepare your hands and gloves?

Wash your hands and change your gloves


Lisa is cooking salmon. She checked the temperature and found it to be 125° F at the thickest part. Can she stop cooking the fish and serve it safely?

No, seafood should be cooked at 145° F for 15 seconds to be safely served.


How long should you scrub your hands and arms when washing them?

you should scrub your hands and arms 15-20 seconds


what tool must be washed, rinsed, sanitized, and air dried before using it to measure the temperature of food?

food thermometer


list 3 symptoms of a food borne illness

diarrhea, vomiting, fever, nausea. abdominal cramps and jaundice are all common symptoms


List 4 of the Big 8 food allergens

  • Milk

  • Soy

  • Tree nuts

  • Shellfish

  • Eggs

  • Fish

  • Peanuts

  • Wheat


Mike just had a meal at a restaurant and right before he is ready to leave his throat feels tight and his skin is itchy. What is most likely happening to Mike?

He could be having an allergic reaction from the food that he ate.


Name 3 instances when you should wash your hands before handling food. 

After using, handling, touching:

raw meat, restroom, garbage, your hair. face, bodyclothing, coughing/sneexing, chemicals, tables. money, putting on gloves, eating/drinking/smoking, touching anything that may contaminate your hands. 


how long is leaving TCS foods out considered time-temperature abuse?

4 hours


what method should never be used to thaw raw meat?

place the item on the prep counter or soaking in still water. 


If a customer has a milk allergy and their piece of pie touched the whipped cream what should you do?

Throw it out and get them a new dessert that was not in contact with the whipped cream.


Max needs to refrigerate some raw chicken to use later. He places it in the bottom drawer of the cooler. Is this an appropriate place to place the chicken?

Yes, raw meat should be placed on bottom rack or drawer of cooler.


List 2 ways to keep your hands and nail prepared for food preparation. 

keep fingernails short and clean, no nail polish, no fake nails, cover wounds on hands, wear gloves. 


where should a food handler check the temperature of food?

in the thickest part


if a food contact surface is in constant use, how often should it be cleaned and sanitized?

every 4 hours or after soiled.


What does FIFO stand for?

First In First Out


Edwin cooked eggs in the microwave. What should the internal temperature of the eggs be to serve them safely?

Eggs, poultry, meat and seafood should be cooked to an internal temperature of 155° F


practicing good personal hygiene can defend against and prevent what?

viruses or food borne illnesses


what is the temperature danger zone range for hot food?

41 degree F to 135 degrees F


fish bones and fruit pits are what type of environmental hazard?

physical hazard


At what maximum temperature can food be thawed safely in a cooler?

41° F


Agata was carrying fresh blueberries and raw beef in from the store. Juice from the raw beef container dripped onto the blueberries. What should she do?

She should throw away the blueberries and clean and sanitize surfaces as well as wash her hands.

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