Healthy hands
Fridge Facts
Clean it up!
Cooking Care
Dont cross me!

Wearing false or painted _________ can hide dirt and lead to physical contamination of food.

What are fingernails?


When packing food for lunch or a picnic, refrigerated food will be safe for several hours if:

a. The food is in a backpack b. A special ice pack is included c. The food was cooked d. All of the above

What is a special ice pack is included?


When should you wash your hands? (List 3)

What is 

1. before handling food

2. after handling raw meat

3. going to the bathroom OR handling pets or money

What is the first thing you need to do before cooking?
What is wash your hands.
Define Cross-contamination
What is when bacteria spreads from one food to another.

After handling pets, ________ should be washed.

What are hands?


Maximum temperature recommended for FREEZING foods.

What is 32 F or 0 C degrees?


Clean, separate, cook, and chill

What are rules for food safety or how to handle food safely.

You left cooked food out on the counter for 8 hours, what should you do? a. Cook the food for an additional 30 minutes. b. Eat the food. c. Throw the food away.
What is throw the food away.

How does cross-contamination occur?

What is when raw meat touches a cooked meat, utensil, or surface/counter.


Soap and hot water work together to prevent _______ _________ ________________.

What is bacteria from multiplying?


Maximum temperature recommended for REFRIGERATING foods.

What is 40 degrees F?


Should you wash raw meat and seafood before cooking?

What is no because harmful bacteria can spread in the kitchen sink.

Which of the following ways is NOT a safe way to defrost raw meat? A. In the refrigerator B. On the counter C. In the microwave
What is on the counter

Which food should you always keep separate to avoid cross-contamination? 

a. Fresh vegetables and raw meat

b. Raw chicken and fresh peeled potatoes 

c. Cooked meat and raw meat

d. all of the above

What is d. all of the above


Before handling food, you should wash your hands for a minimum of ____ _________.

What is 20 seconds?


Temperatures between 40 and 140 degrees F are called the "danger zone".

What is bacteria will multiply rapidly and the food will become unsafe to eat because it is not cold enough to stop bacterial growth and not hot enough to kill it?


When cleaning up the kitchen, after you clear the counters off, what is your next step?

What is wash counters with hot soapy water


What's the maximum amount of time that you can leave any leftover chicken out on the table, in case anyone wants to go back for more? A. 20 Minutes B. 90 minutes C. 4 hours

What is 90 minutes.


Separating raw meat from cooked or ready to eat food like fruits and vegetables, washing utensils, washing your hands.

What is how can we prevent cross-contamination?


Licking raw cookie dough off the mixing spoon or eating raw eggs could cause this foodborne illness.

What is Salmonella?


When thawing meat in the refrigerator, place it on a plate on the _________ shelf.

What is bottom?


When should you rinse fruits and vegetables?

a. right when you get home from the grocery store

b. before you use them 

c why do you need to wash them? The store does that

What is B. Wash fruit and vegetables before right before use.


The minimum internal temperature of a chicken or casserole that has been safely cooked.

What is 165 degrees F?


Three (3) food borne illnesses you can get from cross contamination.

What are: