Food Storage
Food Budgeting
Grocery Strategies
Meal Planning

What is the best containier to store you food in?

Air tight glass or plastic container


How does a grocery circular help you save money?

circulars have several deals that give discounts and save money 


What is an example of perishable food? (a food that may go bad quickly)

fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, meat/poultry/seafood, dairy 


How can planning a meal save your time?

1. Plan ahead and prepare to cook meals 

2. Less rushing out for missing ingredients 

3. anticipate problems 


True or False: JESPY members can live in one of Jespy's residential properties?



How should you store hot food?

by letting it cool before placing it in the refrigerator.  


What is a rewards program?

each grocery store may have a rewards program that allows you to accumulate points and use the points on discounts or free items. 


What is a non-perishable food and give one example

food that lasts for a longer period of time which does no need a fridge to avoid spoiling. they can be stored in room temperature. 

Examples are canned goods, dried meats, dried fruits, nuts. 


How can meal planning help save money?

1. financial strategies (circulars, coupons, rewards programs)

2. cut down spending on eating out 

3. cut down on unnecessary groceries 


JESPY House serves adults, ages ____ and up



Where should you store butter?

can be stored both in the fridge and at room temperature for one to two days. 


What is an example of a wholesale grocery store and how does it help save money? 

Costcos, PJ's, Sam's Club. Wholesale stores sell items in bulk for discounted rates. 


what is the busiest time and least busiest time to go shopping?

Busiest: Saturday afternoons 12-3 pm 

Least Busiest: weekday morning 8am-12pm 


Fast foods usually have higher what? (multiple answers)

Calories, sugar, sodium, saturated fat


What is your favorite thing about JESPY House?



True or False, a “use by” date tells you that the food is no longer safe to eat after the date given. 

False. A use by date is the last date recommended for the use of the product while it is at peak quality. If you properly stored your food, you can eat it for a few days up to a week after the use by date.


WHat is the NJ SNAPS program?

NJ government provides food assistance for families with low income to help buy groceries. 


What is an example of a good food options to stock up on during an emergency situation?

non perishable foods: dried foods, canned goods, high energy foods, and drinks. 


What factors should you consider when planning a meal? (multiple answers)

1. available time to cook 

2. what foods are available in your home 

3. how many meals will you plan for?

4. what is your eating schedule for the week? 


Who is the executive director of JESPY House?

Audrey Winkler


where in the fridge should raw meat be stored?

bottom of the fridge so that the juices do not fall onto other foods. 


What is the average cost of food per month for one person in the US?



What is a strategy you can use to reduce the stress from grocery shopping?

noise protections ear buds, planning out your grocery trip, going shopping during less busy hours, or ordering ahead and picking up 


How can meal planning help avoid wasting food?

1. only buying what you need 

2. controlling portions 

3. proper food storage for leftovers


What year was JESPY House established?


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