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The predicted world population in the year 2050.

What is 10 billion?


The type of irrigation used in the MSD farm:

a) flood (furrow) irrigation

b) drip irrigation

c) center-pivot irrigation

d) hoping it will rain

What is drip irrigation?


Plants grown and produced without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial agents are called:

a) yummy

b) natural

c) organic

d) fake

What is organic?


Nutrients can be added to the soil in all of the following ways EXCEPT:

a) manure

b) reducing soil compaction

c) fertilizer

d) compost

What is reducing soil compaction?

The largest commodity crop grown in the U.S.

What is commodity corn?


The item from the following list that will NOT be needed to sustain 2 billion additional people.

a) water

b) homes

c) wi-fi

d) jobs

e) medicine

f) food

What is wi-fi?


The three atoms that form a water molecule.

What is two hydrogen atoms (H) and one oxygen atom (O)?


The color of nutrient-deficient plants:

a) dark green

b) white

c) pale green

d) rainbow

e) pale yellow

What is pale yellow?


The type of agricultural technique of growing plants using a water-based nutrient solution rather than soil.

Hint: MSD's Vertical Farm uses this technique

What is hydroponics?

The home country of our CEDS presenter, Sayeed.

What is Afghahistan?


The days it would take to spend 1 billion dollars if you spend $1000 every day.

What is 1,000,000 days?


According the Melissa's presentation, the source of 50% of Denver's water is:

a) the Pacific Ocean

b) the South Platte River

c) the tributaries of the Colorado River on the west side of the Continental Divide.

d) the tributaries of the Colorado River on the east side of the Continental Divide.

What is the tributaries of the Colorado river on the west side of the Continental Divide?


The 3 most important nutrients plants need to grow.

What are Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K)?


The method below that is NOT a Best Management Practice in agriculture:

a) Plant protection

b) Nutrient management

c) Water source protection

d) Irrigation management

What is plant protection?


The two most populated countries in the world.

What are China and India?


The 3 factors in the Sustainability Barrel:

a) economic, social, agricultural

b) financial, social, community

c) financial, social, environmental

d) economic, social, environmental

What is economic, social, environmental?


Besides irrigating crops, one other way that water is used in agriculture.

What is:

1) watering livestock (animals)?

2) cleaning and sanitation?

3) food processing?

Any of these is acceptable!


Of the 3 main nutrients plants need to grow, this one makes helps the plant synthesize chlorophyll and helps make the plant healthy, green, and strong.

What is Nitrogen?


The word used to describe what occurs when soil particles are firmly pressed together, reducing the space between particles. 

Hint: our cereal/milk experiment demonstrated this

What is soil compaction?


The difference between monoculture and polyculture.

What is the cultivation of one species of a crop in one area (monoculture) versus the cultivation of multiple crops in one area (polyculture)?


One of the reasons the Earth's population has grown so large so fast.

What is:

1) birth rate is exceeding death rate?

2) better medicine?

3) better agriculture?

Any of these is acceptable!


In our water filter demonstration, the two people who created the most effective water filters.

Who were Maddi and Christopher?

If I am wrong in my remembering, then consensus wins. :)


The 4R Nutrient Stewardship System includes:

a) Right source, Right time, Right place, Right rate

b) Right plants, Right people, Right place, Right price

c) Right nutrients, Right irrigation, Right equipment, Right thinking

d) Right strategy, Right resources, Right place, Right plants

What is Right source, Right time, Right place, Right rate?


The percentage of the Earth's land that has ideal conditions for growing crops.

What is 10%?


Two of the four crops that can be grown for biofuel introduced to us in our Biofuel board game.

What are corn, switchgrass, miscanthus, and native grasslands?

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