The #1 team in the NFL. (Not the Super Bowl winners)

A. Buccaneers

B. Cowboys

C. Chiefs

D. Saints

Who are the Chiefs. 


Passing Touchdown Leader.

A. Tom Brady

B. Patrick Mahomes

C. Aaron Rodgers

D. Matthew Stafford

Who is Aaron Rodgers.


The closest team to beat Tom Brady and the Bucs was 

A. Chiefs

B. Saints

C. Packers

D. Football Team

What is the football team. 


The connection between this Quarterback-Tight End duo set a playoff record this year. (Name both players in the duo)

A. Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams

B. Russel Wilson and Tyler Lockett

C. Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski

D. Drew Brees and Michael Thomas

Who is Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. 


How many receiving touchdowns did Steffon Diggs have?

A. 9 

B. 69

C. 8

D. 7

What is 8. 


The NFC East divine title goes to...

A. Eagles

B. Cowboys

C. Football Team

D. Giants

Who is The Football Team.


Receiving Touchdown Leader

A. Steffon Diggs

B. Davante Adams

C. Mike Evans

D. Peyton Manning

Who is Davante Adams.


This player was trash-talking Brady in the Superbowl. 

A. Patrick Mahomes

B. Tyrann Mathieu

C. Travis Kelce

D. Chris Jones

Who is Tyrann Mathieu


This Broncos Legend broke got 100 sacks in his career. 

A. Joey Bosa

B. Von Miller

C. Chandler Jones

D. J.J. Watt

Who is Von Miller.


Tom Brady threw for how many touchdowns?

A. 48

B. 69

C. 34

D. 40

What is 40.


The final record of the Kansas City Chiefs. 

A. 13-3

B. 12-4

C. 15-1

D. 14-2

What is 14-2.


Receiving Yard Leader. 

A. Steffon Diggs

B. Davante Adams

C. Lamar Jackson

D. Eli Manning

Who is Steffon Diggs. 


This team barely missed out on the play-offs. 

A. Giants

B. Cardinals

C. Patriots

D. Dolphins

Who are the Cardinals. 


This player won his 7th Super Bowl.

A. Peyton Manning

B. Tom Brady

C. Blaine Gabbert

D. Rob Gronkowski

Who is Tom Brady.


Who lead the league in pass completion percentage?

A. Mike Glennon

B. Trace McSorely

C. Taysom Hill

D. Andy Dalton

Who is Taysom Hill


This team was 1-15. 

A. Jets

B. Jaguars

C. Titans

D. Colts

Who are the Jaguars. 


Rushing Touchdown Leader.

A. Tom Brady

B. Lamar Jackson

C. Derrick Henry

D. Jonathan Taylor 

Who is Derrick Henry. 


This player was forced to start his first every game in the playoffs. He was originally on the Football Team's Practice Squad and is now the full-time starter. 

A. Nick Foles

B. Kyle Allen

C. Mike Glennon

D. Taylor Heinicke

Who is Taylor Heinicke.


This player broke the record for most passing touchdowns as a rookie. 

A. Justin Herbert

B. Joe Burrow

C. Jalen Hurts 

D. Tua Tagovailoa

Who is Justin Herbert.


How many touchdowns did Dalvin Cook have?

A. 69

B. 9

C. 18

D. 16

What is 16. 


The worst division in football. 

A. AFC West

B. NFC West

C. NFC East

D. NFC North

Who is the NFC East. 


Passing Yards Leader. 

A. Eli Manning

B. Tom Brady

C.  Deshaun Watson

D. Patrick Mahomes

Who is Deshaun Watson. 


This team was the only team to convert the Hail-Mary this season in the playoffs. 

A. Packers

B. Rams

C. Chiefs

D. Buccaneers

Who are the Buccaneers


This player broke the record for most teams player for this season with 15.

A. Tom Brady

B. Mitchel Trubisky

C. Ryan Fitzpatrick

D. Kyle Allen. 

Who is Ryan Fitzpatrick. 


How many Quarterbacks threw for 1,000 yards this Season?

A. 69

B. 40

C. 26

D. 39

What is 39. 

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