Friend or Frenemy
Healthy or Not
Multiple Choice
True or False

I often feel bad about myself around this person



A true friend always lets me go first and have the first pick of everything.

Not a healthy friendship. True friends take turns, share and make things fair.


Before making a new friend, you should: 

A: See if your other friends like them first

B: Decide if you enjoy being around them

B. If you enjoy being around somebody, it doesn't matter what other people think.


You can spot a frenemy by their looks.

False. Just because someone looks friendly, doesn't mean that they are nice. Judge a friendship based on actions.


Good friends should talk everyday to keep from growing apart.

False. It is healthy to take breaks from each other. The bond will still be there even when you are apart.


Helps me even when it's not convenient to him/her

Friend. A true friend will be there for you during good times and bad.


My good friend has enough problems in his life, so it doesn't bother me when he is not able to help me.

Not healthy - Good friends help each other regardless of their own problems in life. Be aware of friends who take but never give. Everyone should get the same attention.


You should drop a friend if:

A: Your best friend doesn't like them

B: They don't like the same things you like

C: None of the above

C. You should never judge someone based on the opinions of others. Make your own choices. You don't have to have everything in common to be friends.


It is your job to make sure your friend is always happy.

False. You can help a friend through hard times but you are not responsible for their happiness. They must find it within themselves.


Friends are either true friends or frenemies.

False. Any friend can have qualities of a good friend and qualities of a frenemy. Be honest with your friends so that you can grow your friendship into a healthy one.


I do things I really don't want to do- to keep them from getting mad.

Frenemy. Friends won't make you feel bad for not doing what they say.


I can have a fun time even without my best friend around.

Healthy. Friends should feel independent enough to enjoy time away and have other friends. Being too dependent on somebody else is not healthy.


If your friend doesn't like something about you, you should:

A: Change if so you can keep your friend

B: Agree to disagree

B. Agree to disagree! Differences make life more fun. If would be boring if everyone was the same and you can learn more about things from other people.


It is ok if a friend doesn't respect my boundaries all of the time.

False. The more people don't respect your boundaries, the more they might disrespect them because you've shown them that it is ok to be disrespectful to you.


My friend seems to be a frenemy. I should get rid of them right away.

First, be honest with your friend and give them a chance to do the right thing. People make mistakes. But, don't give too many chances. Friendships shouldn't be a lot of work!


Makes fun of our other friends when they aren't around.

Possible frenemy. Beware of friends who make fun of their other friends. They may also do that to you when you are not around.


When I'm around my good friend, I am afraid that I will say something that will make them mad or sad.

Not healthy. One sign of a good friend is that you feel relaxed around them and be yourself, and not be afraid of their reaction.


I feel like when I talk, my friend starts talking about the time that they did that or felt that way. I should:

A: Let it go. They are just using empathy with me

B: Tell them how it makes me feel that they don't listen and usually only talk about themselves.

B. You deserve to have equal attention in a friendship. Always be honest with your friends and let them know how you feel. True friends will understand.


It's ok to tell my friend "no".

True! This means that you are holding a boundary that is important to you and they should respect that you hold your ground.


I have a lot of fun with my friend even though they can be jealous and controlling.

You cannot excuse bad behavior just because you also have a good time with somebody. Friendships should be easy. Don't put up with bad behavior. Move on.

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