Maintaining Friendships
Sharing Friends

This quality in a friend helps us to feel safe sharing our worries, thoughts, and feelings. 

What is trustworthy?


As a good friend we should tell our friends things about themselves that help them to feel ____.

What is confident, uplifted, happy, proud?


In order to maintain our friendships over time it is really important that we are ____ so that our friends can trust that we will not betray them.

What is loyal, honest, trustworthy?


True or False: We can tell other people who to be friends with.

False, everyone can decide for themselves who they want to be friends with.


We all need to feel like we have someone we can talk to. This type of friend makes people feel heard.

What is a good listener?


When we find out that a friend was not honest with us, this can make us feel _____.

What is hurt, betrayed, or angry.


To build a long- lasting friendship, it is important that we do what we say we will do and we show up when we said we would. This is called being ______.

What is dependable, honest?


True or false: When our best friend makes plans with someone else to hang out after school, we might feel a little left out. It is okay for us to have other friends and not always invite our best friend to everything.



Our friends are meant to be safe people who we can truly be ourselves around. This quality helps people feel safe to be themselves.

What is non- judgemental?


When a friend shares a secret with us that they have never told anyone before this can make us feel ____ and we want to make them feel _____.

What is special and supported?


Sometimes it can be hard to tell people difficult things or have hard conversations. It is really important to try to always be ______ with our friends, even when challenging.

What is honest, truthful?


True or False : It is fair to tell a friend that they can only be friends with you

False, it's not fair for anyone to tell someone who they can and can't be friends with, and people can have multiple friends


This quality means you are someone who makes an effort to and is able to recognize and understand the feelings of others. Another word for this quality is compassionate. 

What is empathetic?

When we are trying to make a new friend and we decide to ask them to do something with us, we might feel a little ____.

What is nervous?


This is an important part of friendship that requires spending ________ together. Making sure you are doing things both of you enjoy doing.

What is quality time?


When you want something that someone else has , and you are mad about it, this is called being __________.

What is jealous?


This quality is important for our own self- esteem, but it is also important for our friends to feel this way so that they do not often act out of jealousy or insecurity.

What is confident?


When we feel bad for forgetting to invite one of our friend(s) to hangout and they find out the next day.

What is guilty?


We can keep in touch with our friends by ____

a) seeing them in class/outside of school if able to

b) ignoring their texts/calls/Facetime

c) checking in on them via phone, etc. if we cannot see them in person right now

d) A & C

What is A & C?


What should you NOT do?

Your friend gets invited to hangout with other friends and you are not invited.

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