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True or false? If someone is your friend, you don't need to apologize to them because they understand. Why?

False. You should always apologize if you hurt someone's feelings.


True or False: You can have more than one best friend. Why?

True. You can have many best, or close, friends.


True or false? Even good friends still argue sometimes. Why?

True. Most friends have conflicts from time to time.


True or False? Friends do everything together. Why?

False. You can have many different friends.


True or false? Friendships are not always forever. Why?

True. Friendships can change.


What is a friendship boundary mean?

A friendship boundary is a line that divides two things or shows the limit between what you are comfortable with and what you are not comfortable with.


What is an example of a playful or kind touch?

A gentle tap on the arm and saying, "You can do it."

What is an example of a fun joke?

Teasing your friend about owning four of their favorite hat in different colors.


What is an example of togetherness that two friends might have that does NOT exclude other people?

Having a special handshake with a friend.


What is an example of offering ideas and encouragement to a friend?

"Do you want to take turns doing the writing?"


What is an example of a positive things to say about a friend?

"You are really good at hard math problems."


What is an example of a hurtful touch?

Pulling someone to go with you to the playground at recess.


What is an example of a mean joke?

Making fun of how someone's voice sounds when they talk because they stutter.


What is an example of exclusion?

Telling other people, "You can't sit with us," or ignoring them if you do sit with you.


What is an example of trying to control and boss another friend?

"You have to let me go first because I am the oldest."


What is a good way to know if something is ok to say about another person?

If you are not comfortable saying it to their face, don't say it to someone else.


Who is the person who gets to decide if the touch is comfortable or uncomfortable?

The person who is being touched is always the one who gets to decide if they are comfortable with a touch.


What could you say and do if someone plays a mean joke on you?

I feel angry and hurt when you did that joke. It's not funny. Stop. 


Talk to an adult about it.


If you and a friend are eating lunch together and another kid sits down at the same table, what should you do to include them?

a. Say hello and use their name.

b. Explain what you are talking about to include them in the conversation.

c. Ask them questions.


Does anyone want a bossy friend? Why?

No. Friendships should be equal relationships. If one person is always bossy, it isn't a healthy friendship.

Raj, Kayden, Cameron, and Mike were really close friends. One day when Kayden was absent, Raj, Mike and Cameron were sitting together. Raj and Mike starting saying that Kayden was pretending to be sick because he was afraid of the math quiz. Are Raj and Mike chatting in a positive way or a negative way? Why?

Raj and Mike are making up stories about Kayden that are not nice, so they are talking in a negative way.


McKenna likes to poke people, kind of hard, to get their attention. Her friend said 'ow' when McKenna did it, but McKenna said, "Oh my gosh, it wasn't even that hard." Is this playful touching or hurtful touching and what should McKenna do instead?

This is hurtful touching because the friend said 'ow.' McKenna should apoligize and ask permission before she touches anyone.


Anthony is a little bigger than Avery. Lately, Avery has been saying "Anthony F3" for "Favorite Fat Friend" and laughing. Is this fun joking or mean joking and why?

It is mean joking because 

a. Avery didn't ask permission.

b. Anthony is not laughing, too. 

c. Saying someone is fat is not nice.


Kevin, Mariah and Camille have been neighbors and friends since EC3. Sometimes, Mariah will say things to Kevin like, "Let's not play with Camille today," or tell Camille, "Kevin and I are going to hang out alone today at recess." Is this togetherness or exclusion and why?

Mariah and Kevin are excluding Camille because she is saying that she can't play with them. Mariah is the only one talking, but Kevin is also not saying anything to allow Camille to play.


Farah's friend Jamie was super smart and super fun so Farah thought most of her ideas were great. Sometimes, Farah didn't like how Jamie would say things like, "You have to do it this way," or "If you don't do it, we won't be friends." Is Jamie sharing her ideas and encouraging or is she being controlling and bossy? Why?

Jamie is being controlling and bossy because she is threatening that they won't be friends and is not being flexible by saying you HAVE to do it this way.

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