Making Friends
Problem Solving

What is one thing you could say to start a friendship

1. Hi, my name is...

2. Do you want to play together

3. Give them a compliment


True or False: It is okay to have more than one friend

True: Having more than one friend can be so much fun!


What would you do if you saw someone sitting by themselves looking sad?

Ask them to play

Ask them what is wrong


How would you feel if your friend ignored you in the classroom?

Sad, confused, left out, annoyed, frustrated, embarrassed


How is your friend feeling if they are yawning and looking away while you are talking?

They are bored or not interested in the conversation


What is something you could say if you want to join a game?

Ask if you could play: "Can I play with you?"


What do you look for in a friend?

Examples: a person is fun to be around

Plays sports

Likes video games

Someone I can trust


What could you do if your best friend wanted to play with another group of friends?

1. You could also play with someone else

2. You could ask if you could play too

3. You could play something else

4. You could play by yourself


How might someone feel if his friends don't want him to join the game?

Upset, frustrated, or mad


How is your friend feeing if their eyebrows are going down and their arms are crossed?

They are feeling angry


You want to play tag but your friend wants to play kickball. What can you say to your friend?

"We can play kickball first and then we can play tag"


What do other people like about you?

Any positive quality


Someone at school is calling you really mean names. What can you do?

Tell them you do not like it and ask them to stop nicely.


What zone would you be in if your friend said something mean to you?

Red or Blue Zone


You asked for a break but your teacher says you have to wait. Small or big problem?

Small problem! You can be patient and wait to go on a break.


What things would you like to have in common with your friends?

Any answer!


True or False: A good friend is someone who is flexible and lets friends play with other peers.

True: It is okay if your friend plays with other peers in your class. 


You and your friend want to play a game, you both want to go first, what can you do?

Rock, paper, scissors

Roll a dice

Let your friend go first


How would you feel if your friend was excited for you when you won a game?

Happy, proud


A stranger asks you to get in their car. Small or big problem?

Big problem! It is not safe to get into a stranger's car.


What is 1 question you could ask a person to get to know them better?


1. What sports do you like to play?

2. What tv shows or movies do you like?

3. What video games do you like to play?


What do you do that makes you a good friend?

Any positive actions


You are playing with your friend and you both want to play 2 different things. What can you do?

Play their game first and then play your game

Role a dice to see whose game to play first

Play something you both want to play


While playing tag, a friend is not following the rules. Is that a small or big problem?

Small problem: You can explain to your friend the rules again or play a different game.


You don't get to go first in the game. Small or big problem?

Small problem! You can ask to go first next time.

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